He said I will always be a Dentist and I SAID THAT IS THE FKN PROBLEM.

I will, from Jan 1st 2009 sort out my affairs, sell extraneous crap and prepare for my death. Commonly known as SUICIDE.

Nice Doctor rang me on Friday Afternoon  following my telling the receptionist about the SIDE EFFECTS of the amlodipine. I told about the eczema etc etc and my fkn depression and as I had it down in writing in front of me I was able to spout it out logically and did not miss anything. I didn’t have to have theatrical pauses and stuff as I was already miserable as hell. I ran through the last 10 years and pointed out that I have the exact same symptoms NOW as I had when I first attended the surgery BUT ALSO now had no pulse in the  right and now also had uncertainty about my heart also.

Just the same as when I went to Dr A feeling stressed and HE MADE IT ALL SO much worse so really the NHS is a load of bollix.

Also when I ask questions about MY treatment I get sent to the Loony Bin and also told my arms are gonna fall off so what am I to think???

I said the NHS is killing me and I will soon have on my person a 4 gig USB Flash Drive marked SUICIDE in BIG letters containing ALL the correspondence etc etc from me and them, uncensored etc. In fact I will have my Website in my Wallet as my suicide note. ++ (Maybe he will hope I will loose it as Government departments, and others,  seem to regularly do these days.)

I told him that if I do not get resolution to ALL my illnesses I will, from Jan 1st 2009 sort out my affairs, sell extraneous crap and prepare for my death.

I said I will accept treatment ON ONE CONDITION that I am listened to when I give MY SYMPTOMS. AND that the CAUSE of my “Mental Patient problems” will be ADDRESSED AND RESOLVED I had to keep asking him if he was still there as he was amazingly quiet. I don’t think he expected me to say all that. I told him that copies of the Med Opinion and compliment slip etc were “by the front door ” as the “reason” for my suicidal thoughts. Still he didn’t send the lickle scrotes in blue round SO HE DID listen. His dad and brother are both dentists and THAT is the reason I go to see him.

He said I will always be a Dentist and I SAID THAT IS THE FKN PROBLEM. I get the crap in town for being a Dentist and yet Medically I get abused. AND I HAVE  LOST EVERYTHING destroyed by Dr A and then the Welsh NHS….  

FOR fucks sake when I SAW people in the Medical field I gave them a bit of respect for their jobs and hopefully treated them as equals, answering questions etc etc. BUT……. Some expected ME to give them FREE treatment. It sounds like I saw a lot of Doctors BUT was only about 6-7 over the years and ALL were arrogant, except, notably one, and he was the estranged husband of Dr K.


THIS is how a family should be. Fighting for justice for a misdiagnosis. READ AND LEARN DEAR SISTER

An initial complaint made by Mr Barnett to the Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust was unsuccessful and a further complaint submitted to the General Medical Council has now also been rejected. “The GMC report basically reiterated what the inquest said,” said Mr Barnett. “But they’re all missing the point. It isn’t up to the specialists alone – Helen has to consent to it based on the most up-to-date information. “If they had told her she was in remission, she would not have not gone for this very, very dangerous treatment. “All it needed was a simple scan and we wouldn’t be in this predicament today.”

I wonder which Doctor’s surgery SHE went to as she lived in Briton Ferry, where I worked?


I have had no response from The Royal College of General Practitioners so I presume they will not respond. Although there is still time for them to respond but I will not hold my breath.


The oozlum bird These birds fly in a line ahead formation, and at the first sign of danger, the last bird flies up the asshole of the bird in front, and so on up the line.  The remaining bird then flies around in ever-decreasing circles, finally disappearing up its own fundamental orifice, from which it proceeds to shower shit and derision in all directions.

THAT is the Welsh National Health Service


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