A dog’s life is worth more than mine

This will be my last post until next week altho’ the way I have felt over the past few days since seeing Nice Doctor does not make me want to live anymore in this HELL.

example:  Two police officers kick dogs and may go to jail for causing suffering and “mental terror” to their two pet dogs:

causing unnecessary suffering to a collie pup;

There were several incidents of deliberate ill-treatment: 

the actions were not those of a reasonably competent and humane career“.

If we find that animals have been treated unfairly, cruelly, or there’s been unnecessary suffering, then the whole weight of the law comes down on them.

YET Dr A fucks my life up, lies and refuses to explain ANYTHING and is described as EXEMPLARY by the Welsh NHS.

MY LIFE IS therefore WORTH LESS THAN THAT OF A DOG according to the Welsh NHS.

“bow fuckin wow”

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6 Responses to “A dog’s life is worth more than mine”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Yep, sounds about par Alyn…

    If dogs and cats and horses were treated like the police and NHS treat innocent casualties of crime and illness there would be absolute mayhem in the media.

    But police and NHS are allowed to get away with any amount of terrorising and browbeating VICTIMS of crime and illness.

    Thanks for standing up for us, great British public (not).

  2. statuario Says:


  3. themaddentist Says:

    ti ringrazio molto
    Thank you :>)

  4. statuario Says:

    “la ringrazio molto” they say when you’re facing a great person to whom by the “you”.
    in my case, in a more amicable tone is said “ti ringrazio molto”


  5. themaddentist Says:

    Thank you so much.
    I hope this translation from http://ets.freetranslation.com/ is correct

    Ringraziarla così molto

  6. statuario Says:

    there is no distinction between the abuse a dog and a man, and for speaking ill-treatment of both physical abuse that mental pressures .. unfortunately is the human wickedness to be so damned rooted in us, and we know there are those who lead (and then leaving in peace the poor of collie puppy) and who has only one purpose in life .. our ruin!
    I will speak from personal experience .. the prime of my department is a bastard of the first category, and dream often throw down from the balcony, but I think top and then another!
    Best of luck for today, and greetings from Italy ..

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