We all trust our GPs to give the correct diagnosis. But doctors CAN get it wrong – with potentially disastrous consequences. These patients prove you should never be too embarrassed to ask for a second opinion.    Health | Mail Online

My Doctor said I was a high risk suicide and needed IMMEDIATE hospitalisation as he feared for my life and in so doing DESTROYED MY CAREER AS A NHS DENTIST. He refuses to explain his actions and is backed by the NHS in Wales who say HE IS EXEMPLARY.


Two years ago I was diagnosed with serious heart problems, which was proven to be a misdiagnosis prior to a carotid/subclavian bypass last Easter. I went to my GP Dr K for reassurance that my heart was OK and SHE REFUSED TO LISTEN TO ME AND REFERRED ME TO THE LOCAL MENTAL HEALTH UNIT AS A HIGH RISK SUICIDE. CALLING ME AN UNGRATEFUL PATIENT. All I wanted was an ECG and a cholesterol test but she did not let me speak, as she screamed at me.


One doctor says “My arm will go blue and fall off” and the phlebotomist, when I eventually GOT a blood test said ” I cannot have no pulse as my arm would fall off”

My potassium levels were recorded as high and I needed a second blood test. The cause was described as a possible side effect of RAMPIRIL, the medication I had taken for TWO YEARS or so for HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE.

Second test results showed by potassium levels to be 4.9 which apparently is in the realms of norm. The reason for the 6.something reading that caused all the panic was not due to the Ramipril according to another Doctor but because my blood has coagulated altho’ he tried to outfox me by using the word haemostasis. This haemostasis occurred in the “sample tube” between his surgery and the hospital. HOW CAN YOU TEST BLOOD THAT HAS CLOTTED??????????? AT least he did say to stop the Ramipril.

‘Trusting your instinct is important. Doctors do make mistakes and sometimes you know your body better than anyone else,’ says Dr Graham Archard, vice chairman of the Royal College of GPs.

‘I can remember a patient who was convinced he had bowel cancer, but all the tests came back clear. He wanted a second opinion so we referred him to another consultant for more tests, which showed that he did have cancer.

so why don’t the medical profession listen to me?????


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