So I am described as a MENTAL PATIENT as reward for 23 years service as a NHS Dentist.

Yet the CAUSE of my supposed MENTAL ILLNESS is ignored and I CANNOT EVEN GET TREATMENT unless I threaten to commit suicide and have made plans to do so. Maybe I have to pretend to be mad in order that “they” can cure me and therefore I can escape this living hell.  BUT and a big BUT will they treat the cause or just the symptoms???

WHAT ARE MY SYMPTOMS that keep me labelled as a MENTAL PATIENT? Answer, OR AT least the cause:: I want to know why Dr A MADE up I was a “high risk suicide”, refuses to explain his “diagnosis” and then using his knowledge of the complaint system as Medical Director of Neath Port Talbot Health Board, and his previous posts of Chairman of the BMA Wales, GP committee Wales and the Welsh Medical Committee.)  corruptly avoids answering ANY questions for 10 years and yet the Welsh NHS say he is exemplary and the Welsh Health Minister agrees. And of course the chaos surrounding my retirement.

His response was “I DO NOT REMEMBER” My sister, his senior Medical Partner for 20 years or so says “HE MEANT WELL”



A)  I have made a will leaving all my stuff to my son

B)  I have a bloke coming round next week  to see my Epiphone double neck guitar, 6 and 12 strings, bolt on neck and the electrics split into to separate guitars. He is also interested in my Casio MG510 midi guitar. I still have a Heritage Les Paul, (in chocolate sunburst)  Epiphone Night hawk, ( in black)  Line 6 500 ( in red) An Ibanez Hummingbird 12 string jumbo acoustic ( like the Gibson in the photo BUT red sunburst and cheaper, may keep this till the end as I bought this in 1973 from Ivor Mairant). Technics P30 stage piano, Yamaha DX21.

Can’t play any of these because of my thumbs and the feelings in the left arm.

INTERESTINGLY I have had NO, I repeat NO tingling and numbness that I usually feel in my left pinkie finger SINCE I HAVE STOPPED RAMIPIRIL

but it has only been a few days.

C)  I have 7-8 black bags full of stuff I don’t use and haven’t even looked at for years ready to take down the local recycling centre or dump as I prefer to call it.

D)  Gonna dive up the attic and clear out all the crap up there.


Either drive a bit faster OR keep going to my Doctor’s surgery as they will soon give me another misdiagnosis and/or prescribe me the wrong tablets. I will keep asking for reassurance re my heart problem and the medication I am on and if past requests are anything to go by I will end up in the Local Mental Health Unit pretty quickly. I have copies of the Medical Opinion and compliment slip ready and available to show the Police if they get summonsed to “visit me” as once arranged by Dr C.


Woman who visited doctors 1,000 times over 20 years is finally told what’s wrong with her – and it’s incurable | Mail Online

Just point this out basically because of this the reply from MIKEMAN

Why do people keep knocking the N.H.S & its doctors they are human beings like the rest of us not some kind of super being. I do feel sorry for this woman but the human body is very complicated & even the best doctors don’t know everything, but people just jump on their lets bash the health service band wagon. Until we get to the stage where they can plug us into a diagnostics machine we have to rely on very highly trained doctors who are not infallible & are not able to walk on water.

– Mikeman, Dorset, 25/10/2008 09:52

I make no comment, I did try to add a comment but my IP address must be blocked cos I always link to

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4 Responses to “So I am described as a MENTAL PATIENT as reward for 23 years service as a NHS Dentist.”

  1. les paul guitars Says:

    les paul guitars…

    (Blogger now has backlinks – very similar to the trackback feature in Movable Type. One notable blogging tool that does not support…

  2. Mandy Says:

    Iatronic Arrogance. I have never heard of that term but I think if the cap fits…hell most shrinks should be wearing one.

    Whether you are mentally ill or not – I can’t say and in all honesty even if you were the chances of getting treatment that makes a significant positive difference to life is slim. There is a view that mental illness came to be because it served a purpose for those who bought it into being. There is a massive industry, revolving around it, that is for sure.

    Whatever suits individuals is fine by me as long as they don’t try and sell me their recovery but I am long past believing MH services have the remotest idea or, on a practical level, the resources to do much of anything except keep ‘professionals’ in jobs and when it comes to professionals there are more chiefs than Indians and they are worse than useless.

    I have left everything to my daughter in my will (which I made when I was in work and had something to leave behind). I am laughing as I write this…sometimes the sheer lunacy that I have to deal with around me…including whatever lunacy I might have, gets me to that point.

    It is a mad world and the most lunatic of us all are running it!

  3. themaddentist Says:

    Anon, you are so right
    BUT WHY OH WHY as I am not alone.

    why can’t they say ‘Sorry, I made a mistake.’ like psychologically healthy, ordinary human beings??
    Thank you so much

  4. anonymous Says:

    You’re not mentally ill, Alyn. Anyone can see that from your intelligent posts.

    What you’re suffering from is iatrogenic arrogance.

    And, MIKEMAN, if doctors are ‘only’ human beings like the rest of us, then why can’t they say ‘Sorry, I made a mistake.’ like psychologically healthy, ordinary human beings?? Or ‘I don’t know what the problem is. Let’s find out about this together.’ ?? Are they scared that they’ll get found out as fallible, just like the rest of us?

    The disease is actually in the system that encourages and rewards this iatrogenic arrogance. Arrogant, fearful doctors are simply another symptom of it.

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