What a bloody mess

So, wot a night !!  I now have no need to commit suicide as I am gonna die soon anyway. At least that telephone call has taken my mind of loosing my career. Talk about Medical Ineptitude in the Welsh NHS altho’ the Doctor that rang me from the out of hours service last night considered me as an equal, once he had been subjected to a short, I hope, resume of the last 10 years.

People tell me “at least I have my health” when I say what angers me.

NO I DON’T I have heart problems. But see this post re Dr K, in Castle Surgery Neath.

Apparently the potassium test is notoriously inaccurate due to the cell walls of the blood cells being damaged during the taking of blood causing potassium to leak from the ruptured cell membrane. So just a thought would taking blood from an arm “that will fall off” ie with a fkn blockage in one of the main arteries, cause cell rupture?????

Imagine trying to suck a load of eggs forcibly through a tube full of water, in which they float, which has a severe narrowing in it, some would crack and release yolk and stuff. This could happen, I’d imagine with  “normal” passage through said blockage SOO even exercising the fkn arm, which causes increased blood flow, may damage the cell membrane COS after exercise my left pinkie finger WENT NUMB and I told fkn doctors this. Even nice doctor said it was “due to the way I sat” and blamed the probably now innocent Ulnar Nerve.

So the test could not be as bad as I now think if the above theory is accurate BUT the cell membrane rupture then was caused by the phlebotomist not listening to me by taking the blood.from my left arm. Also as far as I know I have NEVER EVER had a test for potassium levels. The last big blood test I had was pre op in Bridgend prior to my bypass to alleviate my problems with my left arm, The symptoms of which ARE EXACTLY THE FKN SAME. SO was THAT the correct procedure. The last blood test I had for cholesterol was a long time ago as far as I can remember and was probably only marked for the test for cholesterol. Level then was “4. something” instead of “8. something” as at the beginning of all THIS shit.

I have to thank nice Doctor Dr G for thinking of doing the potassium test when I asked him for a cholesterol test  last week. I did read the tests required and wondered why most of the boxes were ticked. But being only a dentist I have forgotten the many tests that blood people do.

And also I have NEVER ever had the need or the authority to ask for said blood tests as I sent “suspicious” patients to Dr A’s fkn surgery for the blood taking. Even paying more attention to the lecture in the day would not have helped me remember stuff like that. Altho’ sitting in the back of my grey cells IS a place where that memory exists. All I can remember of lectures is dropping a ping pong ball at the top of the lecture theatre and then enjoying the ping ping PING as it bounces with increasing amplitude down the steps resulting in chaos and me looking innocent. And “Bouncy” the unknown secretary/ girl that walked past the window at about 12.00 every day with her breasty bits fighting to get free from her tight sweater. The highlight of every sunny day for De Boyz. WA HAY.

So the Dr that screamed at me. Dr K, when I asked months back for reassurance re my heart and stuff and promptly sent me to the Loony Bin is also to blame, possibly or even probably. Because I was about to ask HER for tests , an ECG and blood tests, to CONFIRM my heart was “anatomically sound”. Of course my heart would look anatomically sound, as it did, cos I’d imagine that potassium cells would not show on an echo scan as they are titchy lickle beggars. Could make the last angiogram even MORE unnecessary, the one that destroyed my RIGHT Radial pulse.

ALL MALE MEMBERS OF MY FAMILY, apart from my Dad, died of a heart attack at my age. I consistently told that to EVERY fkn Doctor I saw. But that was ignored.

Also smoking can be to blame for the cell membrane rupture so AS I am STILL UNDER great stress because of the fkn lies surrounding my “retirement” I now have to STOP smoking. STOP. NO FAGS EVER again type of stop, not the lying type.

One word is missing in all of this mess. One word that doctors , and related staff, do not do. begins with “L “and ends with “N”


L I S T EN to the patient DO NOT PREJUDGE

I said in a long hidden post that the Conservation Lecturer ( the one that dealt with teaching us how to treat patients ). Professor A G Alexander ( see 1976 – 1977) of UCH Dental School said, and I quote almost verbatim:


We had lotsa things to do when seeing a pt. 1) Med History, 2) Complains Of (C.O. in the notes) 3) examination, look in the patients mouth. perform any  radiographic tests, 5) Form a Treatment Plan (T.P.) then we discuss the results of the tests with the patient, giving all the options. 6) Agree a treatment plan, re-discuss prognosis then arrange the agreed treatment making sure that the Patient is out of pain as soon as possible AND also UNDERSTANDS what you intend to do to alleviate the problem. Answer ANY questions truthfully and honestly to the best of your ability Then and ONLY THEN  DO said treatment and tell the patient that I/ we offer emergency appointments if there is any problems afterwards.

I added a bit to the treatment plan ie get to know the patient a little so they are NOT SCARED of talking to you, cos no patients = no money.

BUT Doctors seem to ignore what Prof said. DO THEIR lecturers say the opposite??? cos that is exactly what Dr A et al have done. They get paid even if the fuck up as they have done consistently with me.


Dr A, Dr B, Dr C, Dr K, Dr SH, to name a few

ANYWAY talking about it does shit but maybe the few people that read this MAY now listen TO ME, cos I AM NOT ALONE so whenever YOU go to a Dentist or a Doctor or indeed ANY Medical “professional”


EVEN Scrubs says this in their episodes, if you can ignore the “Musical” ones. Holby City (look at the fkn picture of a Doc, I presume, kissing a nurse, I presume. Tall good looking load of crap, ER, ARE FICTIONAL, as is Scrubs, BUT they portray a more “romantic” picture of caring doctors and nurses. IT IS NOT LIKE THAT IN REAL LIFE. It is like this

BUT Doctors get paid NOT TO SEND patients to hospital

The Welsh NHS and here

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2 Responses to “What a bloody mess”

  1. themaddentist Says:

    A doctor said the potasium level maybe due to the Ramipril I am taking and have been taking for many years or the fact that my blood sample from testerday “clotted” on the way to the hospital
    I also did have a potassium test a few years back and it was borderline…so why not investigate the cause THEN.

    SAW the front page of my notes tho’ so that will be mentioned when I next post along with the Doctors comments about it and me…….

  2. Mandy Says:

    Hi Alyn

    Sorry to read that you have high potassium. My potassium, when I have blood tests done, is always a little on the low side. I have no underststanding of what that means. Maybe next time I will ask. Maybe not. Is not as important as what is going on for you right now.

    Is there any treatment being offered you. Apart from you having to give up smoking?

    Thinking of you..which is about as much use as a chocolate teapot in a heatwave..

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