You can’t have no pulse in your left arm as it would fall off.

THAT IS THE EXACT wording of the phlebotomist in Castle Surgery, Neath when I suggested she took blood from my RIGHT arm due to the reduced blood flow and no pulse in my left arm. Caused by a “narrowing of the subclavian artery ” described as a blockage by the Surgeon pre operatively.

She called me into her room, holding the door open with gloved hands.

I then asked if she could change her gloves and she said that “she changed gloves in between each patient as her hands got hot and sticky otherwise.” But no evidence of doing so.

I think I saw a sharps disposal box  but did not see a waste bin with a yellow clinical waste bag, for her gloves. A small waste bin also was empty apart from some paper, as far as I could see. I had arrived early and she saw at least 4 patients before me but I saw no evidence of any disposal. The glove box was not immediately visible.

Two articles about clinical waste

When I was working as a NHS Dentist I ALWAYS made a point of washing my hands IN FRONT OF THE PATIENT or at least in the line of sight of the patient. THEN and only then did I put on gloves. At the end of treatment I made it obvious that I was taking them off and disposing them. I had a waste bin with the yellow bag visible to my right IN FRONT OF my  sink. I also had an automatic “hot air dryer” for my hands which was like a hurricane when activated.

A selection of Adobe pdf files found with a search for “clinical Waste” on the Neath Port Talbot Health Board Website. AND they mention Dr A many times. Mike Mills Davies is also mentioned and he was the Dental Surgeon that suggested, to Dr A, that I took early retirement. Sadly he has passed away.

I have an appointment with the “nice doctor” Dr G on Monday to discuss this breach of hygiene and also I will tell him that I am in the process of “putting my affairs” in order in preparation for …………..

SO not only does a senior Doctor, IN THE SAME SURGERY say “that I cannot have a blockage in my arm as it will go blue and fall off” but the phlebotomist reinforces this ignorant statement by saying  “you can’t have no pulse in your left arm as it would fall off”

SO Medical Science in Neath West Glamorgan South Wales say that I am about to have BOTH ARMS fall off because I have NO PULSES IN EITHER FKN ARM. One due to clinical negligence and the other because of the stress I have been AND STILL ENDURING BECAUSE THE MEDICAL DIRECTOR OF THE LOCAL HEALTH BOARD DESTROYED MY LIFE BECAUSE OF A LIE,

Assisted suicide

According to Art. 115 of the Swiss penal code, assisted suicide is considered to be a felony only if it has been done for a selfish motivation. Killing on request is punishable according to Art. 114 in every case. Physician assisted suicide in Switzerland has never been investigated scientifically, but it does exist and the authorities are aware of it

I do not want to kill myself but it is SO VERY hard to see “the wood for the trees” when I consistently get comments like these and those from Dr K and this arsehole in Tescos. Yet the Welsh Health Minister says she cannot be of any more help on this occasion and re-points me to the NHS Complaint Service, who say Dr A is exemplary. Yet she said recently That the buck ends with her.

The Welsh Health Service is assisting me to commit suicide.

Now to survive the weekend if I can.


A cold caller just rang saying “hullo this is Angela can I speak to Mr James”. I asked HIM his name again and told him Mr James was not available considering he had not said the reason for his call. He repeated he was ANGELA and named his company some financial research company. I asked if he was male and he said yes. I then asked if he was a cross dresser as ANGELA is a female name in my country. I then said I would not accept a call from a cross dresser. I should have pointed him to this site.

A bit of light relief in my moment of blackness.

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5 Responses to “You can’t have no pulse in your left arm as it would fall off.”

  1. waste disposal units Says:


    […]You can’t have no pulse in your left arm as it would fall off. « Alyn James[…]…

  2. How to Get Six Pack Fast Says:

    If you want to see a reader’s feedback 🙂 , I rate this article for 4/5. Decent info, but I just have to go to that damn msn to find the missed bits. Thanks, anyway!

  3. themaddentist Says:

    if there is no pulse isn’t that an indication that someone is in a highly critical state? As in no pulse..better check the breathing.
    Apparently according to another doctro in that parctice i am ungrateful for not appreciating that they found an undiagnosed illness so I get sent to the fkn Loony Bin AGAIN all because I AM FUCKIN WORRIED ABOUT HAVING NO PULSES IN BOTH FUCKING ARMS

  4. Mandy Says:

    Dr A is exemplory…yeah and I can fart multi coloured bubbles, whilst swinging from a trapeze and reciting ‘Ode to Joy’ in Russian!!!

  5. Mandy Says:

    Has there been a documented case of someone’s arm falling off through not having a pulse?

    I ask this because, even with my miniscule knowledge of biology, I can’t see how an arm would fall off unless it had been severed!!!!!!!

    And, again showing my complete lack of savvy in regards to the function of the human body, if there is no pulse isn’t that an indication that someone is in a highly critical state? As in no pulse..better check the breathing.

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