SUICIDE is not painless

Will the phlebotomist wear gloves today??

The phlebotomist said last time I was to have “bloods” taken that the act of wearing gloves “was up to her and as she did not like gloves she would not wear them.”

She prepared to take the blood sample WITHOUT EVEN WASHING HER HANDS. 

I refused to allow her to take my blood sample explaining my reasons and I was sent to the Local Hospital where they wore NEW gloves in between each patient. However they didn’t wash their hands just squirted Hibiscrub on them.

This was the first step to loosing both pulses in my arms. BY THAT I MEAN NO RADIAL PULSE in my left arm or my right arm.

I have to go today for a cholesterol test so expect a similar load of crap from the phlebotomist. Interestingly I have had bloods taken from 3 Doctors surgeries in NEATH and NONE OF THE PHLEBOTOMISTS wore gloves. In fact the Local Health Board, under Dr A, said no breach of hygiene rules were broken in Tabernacle Street Skewen when I asked them to investigate Dr B’s sexual innuendoes and refusal to treat me for pneumonia. Her phlebotomist didn’t even wash her hands. Similar stories in Dyfed Road where Dr C was an arsehole. It was this surgery that Dr J ignored my symptoms in my left arm saying it was due to the way I sat. He also kept sending me to the Local Mental health Unit rather than listen to me.


I emailed the BBC with the story of my complaint against Dr A as in this article from yesterday. I assume they will ignore and not publish my comments.

I emailed Foresight with a similar story. I assume they too will ignore my comments

And I now sit here and wait for neither to do anything, just like my Local Paper, the British Medical Association, on 2-3 occasions, The Chief Medical Officer’s office. My Member of Parliament, MY Welsh Assembly Member, altho  she did not turn up to her “surgery” because she had double booked, but her Agent said there was a file open in her office, why the fuck was that when she could not be arsed to reply, following my previous letter to her in November 2007. I always find “double-booking” scenarios suspicious anyway, especially as her surgery was advertised months in advance. It just shows how much she doesn’t care about the people who voted her in (I didn’t do that I voted Plaid Cymru because the candidate was once a friend and rather than waste a vote I voted for the least likely to succeed.)

Also the Plaid Cymru Assembly member for Briton Ferry, I believe, has not replied for over 6 weeks  Last time I went to her office she was away  “on a fact finding “visit to somewhere abroad and sunny. I also emailed her on the 8th September and have received no reply. So I will go to her office today. AGAIN.


All in all I want to die. I am re-organising my will to exclude my sister and her family from everything and also to ban them from even coming to my funeral. Everything goes to my son, poor bugger I feel SOO sorry for him.

SUICIDE is not painless A loud and crap version or a classical version which fits the song better than the other one.

both still boring tho’

suicide is NOT painless as there is SO much hurt to go through before…before……

Dr A is a liar.

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