I have High Potassium Levels

Symptoms are said to be irregular or fast heartbeat,

paralysis of limbs, drop in blood pressure, convulsions, coma, <edit. MY mistake ihave high blood pressure apparently >

cardiac arrest, black or bloody stool, diarrhoea,

confusion, breathing difficulty, vomiting, extreme fatigue, irregular heart beat, nausea, numbness, tingling hands and feet, and breathing difficult.

The two most likely causes of a chronic (long term?) situation are damaged kidneys or a hormone disruption.

People tend to get despondent at such times, and not completely without reason.

However, if the underlying cause is removed, and you then eat, drink, or breathe (translate; smoke) no poison and receive all the nutrients originally in your food including most of a small amount of protein from high quality sources such as meat, eggs, and milk and no overwhelming amounts of any (say sodium, chloride, zinc, or phosphate of soft drinks) and get plenty of exercise (one contraindication to the value of excessive exercise is probably chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS), it is my belief that there is a good chance that adequate healing will usually take place if the damage has not been overwhelming.

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