Mental Health and Stress

The UK needs a major rethink of workers’ mental health amid the current economic uncertainty, government advisers have said.

A few quotes from the article on the BBC Website:

One of the report’s authors, Professor Cary Cooper, said a pressing issue was the number of workers who did not feel able to take time off when they were sick or stressed

The report also recommends occupational health experts are linked to primary care practices, which is usually the first port of call for people when they are feeling stressed or depressed

individuals can help to improve their mental wellbeing, such as keeping physically active and staying connected with friends and family.

Yet much of the cost can be saved by responding positively to mental distress at work and by taking simple, inexpensive measures such as allowing people to work flexibly when they are unwell and keeping in touch to offer help and encouragement when people are off sick.

The Foresight report recommends five ways to ward off mental illness:

CONNECT: With people around you

BE ACTIVE: Exercise makes you feel good

TAKE NOTICE: Of your surroundings and savour the moment

KEEP LEARNING: Try something new or rediscover an old interest

GIVE: Do something nice for a friend or a stranger

Oh so not what Dr A did then.

One of the key issues highlighted in the report is a strong link between mental illness and debt. It found half of people in Britain who are in debt have a mental disorder, compared with just 16 per cent of the general population. Thanks Dr A for causing the repossession of my practice and thus CAUSING a debt I now have for life.

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5 Responses to “Mental Health and Stress”

  1. themaddentist Says:

    wish I knew anon, wish I knew
    depressing init.

  2. anonymous Says:

    Doctors and other ‘experts’ seem to have this tragic disability. They don’t listen. They delude themselves that they know best. How have we let them get into this state of delusion?

  3. Mental Health and Stress | The Exercise Site Says:

    […] here to read the rest: Mental Health and Stress Categories : Mental […]

  4. themaddentist Says:

    oh yeh token loony games,
    Effective communication links between employer/employee and support services
    Thats a good on for a start. My employer, “The NHS”, says tough shit, Doctors are worth more than NHS Dentists even doctors that break the Terms of Service and guidlines for fitness to practice.
    The support services (mental Health unit(?) ) says they won’t help me until I try suicde and refer me back to the Doctors and thenT HEIR suggestion of suicide is reinforced by so called Medical Porfessionals,fkn Doctors, not listening to me and referring me BACK to the Loony Bin where they say they wont help me until etc etc
    and so it goes until one day like the oozlum bird, they fly up their own arses. AND then of course they CANT listen to me (google oozlum bird).

  5. Mandy Says:

    Some moons ago when I, stupidly, thought that speaking out at things like conferences (and other staged shite events) meant something…i went along to a few of these things..with me speechette about mental illness and work and what might help

    1) flexible work hours

    2) some kind of buddying/mentoring support if and when needed

    3) Effective communication links between employer/employee and support services

    4) stop tarring everyone with the same brush and look at individual needs

    5) More focussed ‘pemitted work’ linked to ‘longer term work’ when/where a person can sustain mental well balance.

    Became a game of walkies round the garden like a dumb arse teddybear.

    The powers that be hear but don’t listen.

    I no longer wear the Bungle suit and play when it comes to involving the token loony games

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