Corruption in the NHS means I should kill myself

If I had a gun I would kill myself also. I dreamt last night of being a bloody dentist again partly because, I assume,of this article in the local rag about sympathy for Daniel James’ family.

A comment by storky says something I quote in full

A tough decision but a dignified and moral one. Govts. and lawmakers should recognise and respect individuals sensitivities, not cold heartedly bulldoze and bully the vulnerable and sick into an acceptance of the cold insensitive, inhuman legal argument.

One minute in 1998, dated June 4th I am ill as Dr A had made an opinion that I was;

my_tho6 AND


So it appears that one minute, June 4th 1998,  I was unable to look after myself and needed to retire IN THE BEST INTERESTS OF MYSELF AND MY PATIENTS. Yet 6 weeks later AND whilst on psychiatric medication I was deemed CAPABLE of sorting out the worst disaster imaginable.

The Practice I had worked SO hard for since January 1998 to rebuild was BEING REPOSSESSED. AND YET Dr A refused to answer ANY QUESTIONS I asked him. I had to try and sort out this steamroller of a mess BY MYSELF.

Dr A said in his formal reply that he could not remember the name of the Private Psychiatrist that HE referred me to and yet in the Medical Opinion

my_tho8 he names her in his Medical opinion. He also said, in writing , that he did not have access to my Medical Notes during the Investigation and yet “his current post as Medical Director of the LHB and his previous posts of Chairman of the BMA Wales, GP committee Wales and the Welsh Medical Committee,

My thoughts are here re the Medical Opinion and what on earth does the Compliment slip. signed by him

compli1   mean.

And yet this is all the thanks I get for 23 years as a NHS Dentist.

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One Response to “Corruption in the NHS means I should kill myself”

  1. Mandy Says:

    When the sh you know what hits the fan the NHS army closes ranks. It has always done that and has no intention (from actions taken against others I know) of changing.

    And yes…NHS managers/so called professionals will lie through their teeth and will do that with full agreement from the lawyers they pay to keep their image all clean and shiny.

    Only they forget that lots of us know what they are up to.

    Like the lyrics of song that I have added a little twist to:

    “Little does she know that I know that she knows that I know she is fucking me over!”


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