I wish to die.

The mother of a paralysed rugby player who killed himself at a suicide clinic has defended her right to help him end a life ‘filled with terror and indignity’. Julie James is said to have been questioned by detectives investigating the death of her 23-year-old son Daniel in Switzerland last month. He believed his damaged body had become ‘a prison’ and had tried to kill himself several times since a rugby training accident left him paralysed 18 months ago.

‘Dan found his life so unbearable and had tried to commit suicide three times” ” what right does any human being have to tell any other that they have to live such a life, filled with terror, discomfort and indignity?” “nobody but nobody should judge him or anyone else” “those who know him are aware, an intelligent, strong willed and some say determined young man.”

Under the 1961 Suicide Act, killing oneself is not illegal in Britain. However anyone who ‘aids, abets, counsels or procures the suicide of another’ could face 14 years in prison.

I am not paralysed or in anyway a-liken MY horrific life to that poor boy BUT and a big BUT the Welsh NHS have, by totally ignoring MY PLEAS for help, are “assisting me to commit suicide” by their actions.

I do not wish to live in this fkn life.

I wish to die.

I do not want to live as a second rate citizen.

but by telling me, in effect , to grow up and move on and accept that Dr J, sorry Dr A, is an exemplary doctor EVEN THOUGH he shows HIS guilt by living and NOT RESPONDING professionally to a complaint, The Welsh NHS are assisting ME, in fact they  WANT me to kill myself .


How sick! GPs paid bonus to NOT send you to hospital | Mail Online

I can make no comment since I have been sent to hospital for no fkn reason, because of an intentional misdiagnosis.

Seems that patients interrupt with the smooth running of the Health Service.

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2 Responses to “I wish to die.”

  1. Mandy Says:

    Hi Alyn

    The subject of Daniel’s death…more so a mini debate around assisted suicide….took place on “The Wright Stuff” this morning on TV. I should hang my head in shame but I like to see how they cut serious issues down to the barest and pay them a type of lip service and then swiftly move on with the mix of enlightenment and showbiz. That is the way of the world!

    Irrelevancies aside, all actually agreed that his parents shouldn’t be punished. Was pleasantly surprised by that. Was twatted off by some journalist saying that he might have come to terms with his ‘predicament’ with medication (I assume something like Prozac) and time. Not sure if you have had the delights of experiencing Prozac but it got me to dancing sessions whilst ironing at 5 am in the morning. Fancy being totally disabled and getting the desire to move about alot? How would that be seen as helping them? Cretinous woman.

    I am in the everyone is and should be entitled to a quality life (who has the right to define that is another issue) and everyone has the right to end their life, although it is heartbreaking when people commit suicide because of lack of care (not just from services but from other humans). I also believe that people should be allowed assisted suicide but that no precedent should be set. As in every case should be taken on the individual’s circumstance, beliefs and needs.

    To be someone who assists another to end their life is one hell of a deal to lay on someone and I am not sure I could assist someone like that but I have never been in a situation where I have been asked. My Mum suffered horrifically, particulary in the last few years of her life. She never asked me to assist her to die…maybe I would have if she had. I don’t know…I preferred the memory of caring for her and trying to provide love and comfort to her whilst she was alive.

    Tough call innit?

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