Apparently I had no friends for 40 years

This morning I was told that the friends I had before Dr A fucked my life are not true friends if they deserted me like they did. So since I lost my fkn career because of a lie it seems that from 22nd August 1949 to June 11th 1998 my life was a sham, everyone I met therefore was not worth a damn.

I could name the people I knew in the various periods of my life to tell them here that J*** thinks they are arseholes. Trouble is I can’t remember them all. Anyway here are some “worthless” people I have met. Some friends, some just acquaintances

Martyn and Stewart that I met in Neath YMCA when I was 14 and introduced me to a life I really didn’t know existed. Don’t see much of Martyn, who has skin cancer or Stew who is in the final stages of alcoholism.

Chris, John, Rich, Speedy, Viscount Waverly, and others from Malvern College.Oh Yeh Nicola my 1st real girlfriend from Eversleigh College.

Andy “Scrapo”, John, Steve, Jim B, Nige and the boys that wrote the satirical  reviews with me at college. Wanda, Mandy, Sue, little Jo and the other girl friends I had at college.  The “Four Les’s Gerry is the only one I remember the name of. we all looked like Les Gray from MUD and sang “The cat crept in, crapped, crept out again incessantly doing Les’s dance, usually in clinic much to Prof’s annoyance

Tony “The beast”, Fred,  Gentle Ben, Naked Arse and Parrot the Kiwi ex-Vietnam vets I met in 1972. Bruce and Jane  and Peter Inward from the first Practice I worked in. I saw Pete die in an horrific powerboat crash on Lake Windermere. The boat just flipped up and landed on its back and disintegrated. GOOD GOD. I don’t think they found much of him. I went up to see him specially but never did ‘cos of the crash.

I jammed with Queen, Johnny be Goode was the song I remember. in a party in Kew Gardens London before they were famous at Pete H*****’s pad. I was at college with the drummer, Roger Taylor, before he left. He was in the Royal Dental in Leicester square and me in University College. Can’t remember the name of our mutual mate. I was in “Amoeba” he was in “Smile” I believe. Mark Knoppfler and I used to meet in the guitar shops in Charing Cross road. Rod Argent and the guy in his shop that showed me the 1st hardware vocoder. We did a crap version of the Welsh National Anthem in the shop one rainy Saturday afternoon.

My son’s Godfather and excellent double bass player and now Orthodontic advisor  for the Dental Practice Board. His wife, a senior nurse in Intensive Care at Great Ormond street Hospital, in the ’80’s.

Eric and Ernie. I played “give me sunshine” on the piano for them as they did the dance, one stunning night in the 1970’s. BOTH were really nice people and Eric was performing well.

All the boys from The Goat, Sonny, Phil, Peter, Mal, Mable, Geof, Mick, Gloria,  Nige the Vice Sheriff of Hertfordshire, Cambell Thurley, provost of Haileybury College. Nick and the technicians from the Welwyn Garden City Practice. Frank T, the man that said Wales’ health service was worse than that of a 4th World Nation. How right HE WAS.

Allan M, Dai Pick, Tulip from the Welsh Team in the ’80’s. Boring Dai, Larry, Fat Eddie Nigel, Moggie all part of the gang that watched the Internationals with me, before I became ashamed of being Welsh

99% of the patients in Ferry Dental Practice and the nurses, Chris, Val, Viv and of course Hairy Caroline, “the daughter I was glad I never had” the best Dental receptionist and nurse IN THE WORLD. EVER.

You are all FKN worthless according to J***         WRONG

The only worthless piece of shit is DR A and ALL the people that helped cover up his lies. Like my sister etc etc……….

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