My Assembly Member had double booked.

Sitting in the Community Centre in Neath yesterday I discovered that my Assembly Member was holding a “Surgery” next door. So I went in totally unprepared.

She was not there as she had double booked, but I saw her agent.

I tried to explain my story and pointed him to my Website …… and burst into tears. He did say however that I had a file in the Constituency office. It was Mrs Thomas AM that wrote to Neath Port Talbot Health Board in August 2004 to assist me to get a reply from Dr A. I started the complaint in October 2003 and I had written many many letters trying to get a bloody reply from Dr A. The reply was that he replied from memory and that he could not remember anything.

I was also trying to get the Chief Executive, at the time, of the Health Board to tell me what connection Dr A had with the Health Board and she refused to answer. Or more correctly she totally ignored my repeated requests for an answer. He was the Medical Director of the Health Board and still is I believe. WHY did she, and he successor not answer that simple question as to say “he is the Med Director” would show honesty and also imply that the investigation was being undertaken without bias. Instead it showed corruption as Dr A was obviously able to influence the outcome of an investigation against him. Strangely now no mention is made of Dr A on the Health Board Website now. In fact the post Medical Director seems to have vanished now.

Anyway back to yesterday I mentioned to the agent that I had lost everything after 23 years of service to the NHS. I also said I was ashamed of being Welsh considering what has happened to me. I sort of mentioned that I had written to her on the discovery of the Compliment slip and had received no reply so far.

He asked what I wanted from Mrs Thomas and I said answers and justice.

It also turns out that a Dental colleague, who had an horrific horse-riding accident and retired, at the same time as I, was active in the Party and was scheduled to appear later. I couldn’t face meeting Pete as I was now in a hell of a state. but I say  HI in case on some small chance he is reading this. I miss those days don’t you Pete but then with the state of the NHS in Wales  would we have wanted to work under the new contract?

Anyway I retire to the Community Centre where one of the staff went on about my sister retiring soon. My reply was on the lines of “I do not give a flying fuck about her considering her attitude to me. BUT I BET HER retirement goes smoothly.” Another girl, Caroline, was less controversial and I thank her for calming me down.

SO I go home and had just sat down here when a friend’s wife turned up in tears saying “I have left him, can I stay here?” Oh crap said I of course you can. So the rest of the day was spent hoovering, polishing, moving stuff, tidying up and generally getting my house inhabitable before she turned up with her 18 wheeler of clothes and smellies and stuff. Actually just a VW  Golf piled high.

I feel so much calmer now as I have to act normal-ish in front of her when she is here so I may re-develop the will to live again.

Also no more can I dress like Homer !homer I now have to get dressed LOL. I may be able to sort out the ton of correspondence now, scan the relevant documents and put them on the web for anybody to read and to see the insults the NHS has thrown at me under the pretext of an Investigation into a complaint.

Read Sheer-debacles post on the NHS Complaint system. In fact her blog makes awful reading as does Calum’s. It just shows I am not alone sadly. I link to few similar sites on my sidebar.

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