thoughts are back

In my post “I bounced a little”  I mentioned my neighbour had had a tooth out. Well she is still in agony and asked me my advice this afternoon. She then said;  The Dentist told me to rub Aspirin on my gum as it will relieve the pain” I link to the Google page so you can pick anyone of the  ” 55,900 for rub aspirin on the gumThis was by a Dentist in a Practice in Neath who charged my neighbour £55 for the extraction.

Aspirin is salicylic acid and there is a clue in the word acid as to the effect on the gum

She has a dry socket, ( looked in her mouth) and the dentist REFUSES to give her antibiotics as he says it is not needed


So I have looked on to stop the thoughts of killing myself

I don’t want my body to be found like some of the pictures. Slide down the page if you want to feel sick. Pretty gruesome.

YET THAT C**T Dr A says I was a suicide risk and Dr K***n referred me to the Mental People because she SAID I WAS A SUICIDE RISK.


Complainants are often confronted with a defensive and unhelpful response when sometimes all that is needed is a simple apology or a promise to improve services. Sheer-debacle says it better in this post.


My Practice was “repossessed” IMMEDIATELY on my release from Heath House Priory Bristol CAUSED BY Dr A and all that arrogant bastard did was weigh me at 5’10” and 14 stone and call me OBESE. I am now 13 stone. BMI 28.12 described as overweight

It took 18 months and me SCREAMING AT THE RECEPTIONIST IN Dr A’s practice to get ANY FKN TREATMENT but the NHS complaints procedure said THAT THAT EVENTUAL TREATMENT WAS EXCELLENT AND Dr A WAS EXEMPLARY. And my sister said he MEANT WELL

That is why I needed to look at stuff like this to stop my suicidal thoughts. DO NOT CLICK IF OF A SENSITIVE NATURE.


Since the beginning of 2007, 22 other young people from the county have apparently taken their own lives.

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