Neath Port Talbot council has confirmed that they have a total of £20m invested in the Icelandic banking system.

The authority said they have £8m in two banks in Iceland and a further £12m in the UK subsidiaries of Icelandic banks.

We are TOP of the  table in Wales

Neath Port Talbot – £20m

Caerphilly – £15m

Ceredigion – £5.5m

Powys – £4m

South Wales Police Authority – £7m

Source: BBC Wales Dragon’s Eye

Dragon’s Eye begins its new series on Thursday 9 October on BBC 2W at 2100 BST and on BBC One Wales at 2235 BST

Shops are closing because of, apparently, the high business rates.

An historic building was recently burnt down so THAT will now not be rebuilt, I assume, in the near future.

Looks like the weeds in the pavement cracks will still be there next spring.

There is an old saying in Neath that if they put a monkey up as a Labour Candidate in any election it would get in. Too late they could be already there.

I vote for the candidate that can be bothered to walk up my path at home and canvas me, in local elections, so I voted Plaid Cymru last time. A trifle odd considering I am not proud of being Welsh.

This voting technique started in Hertford in the 1980’s when I lived NEXT DOOR to the voting station and I said that I would vote for the 1st person that canvassed me. SO the day before the election Anwar Bardwaj ( I apologise if the spelling is incorrect) for the Yoga and Meditation Party turned up. He was totally bemused at my welcome and refused my offer of a beer or two, on religious grounds I believe, and so I was one of the 500 or so people that voted for him. He lost his deposit.

One of the many reasons for me being called the Mad Dentist when at work.

I was proud of that nickname then  BUT NOT NOW.

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