Katherine is proud of her Neath roots

NEATH-born and bred opera star Katherine Jenkins has said how proud she is to have come from the area

Katherine is proud of her Neath roots – WalesOnline

Well I am not, I am ashamed of even being Welsh considering the despicable way I have been treated. I was told in 1985 that moving to Wales was like moving to a 4th World country especially for the standard of the health care. I took this as racist banter from the Englishman that said this and retaliated but I ignored it as I drove over the Severn Bridge. Frank ole chap you were totally right, I only wish I could tell that to you face to face as that comment destroyed our friendship.

Sadly he died a few years back

I also jokingly resigned my Welsh nationality when we had first had a New Zealander as coach for the Welsh Rugby Team and my MP was born in South Africa.

And then came the Assembly and recently the Leader of the Welsh Conservative party, Nick Bourne wrote this masterpiece. Since retracted.

Dylan Thomas once said “Wales is the land of my fathers. And my fathers can have it.”

Often considered his greatest single work is Under Milk Wood, a radio play featuring the characters of Llareggub, a fictional Welsh fishing village (humorously named; note that ‘Llareggub’ is ‘Bugger All’ backwards, implying that there is absolutely nothing to do there)

I love this song.

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2 Responses to “Katherine is proud of her Neath roots”

  1. themaddentist Says:

    never thought of the last paragraph I was just looking for a good version of Myfanwwy, my fav Welsh song … but it was apt I ‘spose.

  2. Mandy Says:

    I gave up being a patriot a long time ago. Patriotism means cheering your army as they go to kill other people at your Government’s behest.

    Patriotism means supporting a monarchy that has sod all relevance to the lives most of us live. Patriotism means voting (every couple of years) and thinking that one vote means I live in a democracy.

    It’s another lot of hype and as the video you put up shows, it is all about people being stuffed in the name of progress. For their country’s good.

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