Its about time I got over it apparently

Its about time I got over it apparently according to one person I met in Neath today. Get over what ??

the loss of my career because Dr A misdiagnosed me as a high risk suicide, loosing well over £100,000 BECAUSE of that fkn misdiagnosis:

Dr A REFUSING to explain his actions the many times I asked him.

having only 80% efficiency in my left lung because Dr B would NOT treat me as she used sexual innuendo rather than examine me, then saying she didn’t listen to patients anyway.

The NHS Complaint service: The Local Health Board investigating my complaint against their Medical Director AND then refusing to explain the connection between Dr A and said Health Board despite me asking 4 times. I asked one Chief executive 3 times and then her replacement now Financial Director, I believe, once. Dr A’s reply was from memory and was “I DO NOT REMEMBER” That is his reply and the findings were BASED ON THAT. Not that the Local Health Board gave me ANY answers as they immediately referred me on to the Independent Review.

Mr D H S…… Independent Review, Brecon,  saying I was a contentious patient, unwilling to fit in and accept treatment for, his words, an undiagnosed illness. Dr A having an illegal  2nd copy of my Medical notes, called “personal and private notes”, by Mr D H Simpson.

Mr Ad.. Pe.., the ex NHS Ombudsman in Wales,  refusing to accept the Medical Opinion as it was “new evidence despite being in my Medical Notes and dated 4th June 1998 FIVE 5 years before he “investigated”. I learnt later from someone in the Welsh Assembly that the Ombudsman “is able to ignore any evidence he chooses”

Dr Car….. Jo…. of the Healthcare Inspectorate saying that in effect Dr A was exemplary and I probably didn’t listen to what Dr A didn’t say.

 Dr C refusing to listen to me when I was in his surgery but then sending the police round to section me.

The misdiagnosed serious heart condition and the partial loss of use of my right thumb and destruction of the radial pulse as they investigated the “misdiagnosed” heart condition.

Finding the Compliment Slip a year ago almost that PROVES Dr A MADE up the ” illness” for which I was forcibly retired, “struck off” MEANING I lost EVERYTHING because of a fkn lie.

 compli1 attached to the TOTALLY IGNORED Medical Opinion. WHAT EXACTLY WAS THE POINT OF THAT DOCUMENT if ALL except me IGNORE IT????? An Article and from the GMC under the heading GOOD MEDICAL PRACTICE

  • You must be honest and trustworthy when writing reports and when completing or signing forms, reports and other documents.
  • You must do your best to make sure that any documents you write or sign are not false or misleading.  This means that you must take reasonable steps to verify the information in the documents, and that you must not deliberately leave out relevant information. See compliment slip.
  • Full documentation

    Dr K sending me to the Mental Health Unit because I asked for reassurance re my “heart condition” and the repeated auto suggestion that I was STILL A SUICIDE CASE.

    AND SO ON……….


    She left saying “Oh for fucks sake” So I now have one less person to talk to all because Dr A is a ….  and the Welsh NHS refuse to even CONSIDER investigating him.

    All this could have been SO EASILY AVOIDED 10 +years ago.

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    2 Responses to “Its about time I got over it apparently”

    1. themaddentist Says:

      Cheers Deb, I got a lot of that from people I knew, probably once a week or so.
      I have calmed down now alto’ I did leave Neath a bit like Rambo with toothache. I shall avoid her if ‘n when I see her again, that is of course if she dosen’t avoid me. Soon I will be able to walk through Neath like the invisible man as soon NO ONE will talk to me ‘cept the 7 or 8 good friends I recently discovered I have … thats all 7-8.

    2. sheerdebacle Says:

      How callous people are. I am sorry that you were subjected to this judgemental attitude.

      Unless you’ve been there you have no right to even pass comment. Giving support is a better option – victims of abuse are invariably treated with such little compassion.

      This comment says far more about the person who made it than anything else. Remember that. So why would you be bothered about losing an acquaintance like that…?!

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