WTF does Branson know about being a NHS Patient?

Sir Richard Branson is due to give the keynote speech at a summit to discuss the safety of patients in the NHS.

The Patients Association’s meeting will bring together NHS trust chairs, chief executives and top NHS managers to discuss how safety issues are addressed and their responsibilities in different sectors of the health service.

Among the other speakers will be health minister Lord Darzi, Anna Walker, the Chief Executive of the Healthcare Commission and the Chief Medical Officer, Sir Liam Donaldson.

Sir Liam will address the summit on “Clinical Awareness: What Non-Executives Need To Know”.

Lord Darzi is due to speak on: “Safety Through the Eyes of A Surgeon”.

Delegates will be welcomed by the Patients Association’s president Claire Rayner.

The summit is being held at the Harrogate International Centre, in North Yorkshire.

AND an extremely jolly time will be had by all as they achieve FUCK ALL.

The Patients Association Motto is; Listening to patients, Speaking up for change but they couldn’t help me cos it is England Based and does not deal with Wales. Still it is nice to know that Edwina Thomas says the buck stops at her So now the NHS is safe in Wales in her hands.

Just done a spel check and it suggested “denials and donations” for Donaldson: “Prayer” for Rayner: and “arrogance” for Harrowgate.

It appears sort of apt considering the “hot air” that will be expelled in that Conference.

HOW WRONG I WAS considering Sir Richard Bransons speech.

I apologise.

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4 Responses to “WTF does Branson know about being a NHS Patient?”

  1. themaddentist Says:

    You can’t possibly know what it’s like until you’ve been through it.

    As an aside a friend was seriously burned on his face years ago. The only scar you see is under his moustache (we call him Mr Pringle after the crisps ) so he applied to be a volunteer in the local burns unit. The consultant said a resounding YES as Dai had been through it all. Bureaucracy said he need a counselling degree and 2 years experience before…………..

  2. Deb Acle Says:

    Hello both

    Amazing how these spellcheckers are so percipient, isn’t it? The ghost in the machine…?!

    Of course, since when did any of them have to avail (beg, plead, grovel, battle for…) themselves of NHS ‘care’ ? You can’t possibly know what it’s like until you’ve been through it.

    We shall be watching this one with interest.

    Incidentally, still no response from PA to my email about ‘what next after this damning complaints report?’

    M – ‘No holds barred side of honest’ ! I like that – may I swipe it for a possible masthead or whatever?


  3. themaddentist Says:

    Funny thing is they never ask patients how they feel about the NHS. They dont even ask employees about the NHS ‘cos they are afraid of what the might hear.
    Probably why me as an ex-dentist get ignored EVEN THO’ I fought for NHS Dentistry when I was allowed to practice.
    The Healthcare Inspectorate , a branch of the Commision apparently, said that DR A was exemplary and that I didn’t kisten to what he didn’t say. err?????????

  4. Mandy Says:

    Hi Alyn

    I can’t be doing with these bloody set ups.

    If they were any use they would have patients there, those who have been fanny’d about by the system with tales of reality to tell. Not some woolly ‘This is how your garden should grow’ spiel.

    As for Ann Walker. PAH! The Healthcare Commission has the spine of a Chivers jelly and carry out their duties about 10 paces behind the NHS!!! Saying a little bit of how things are but never brave enough to be the no holds barred side of honest. Anyway, her job is likely to morph under this new Super Duper Pooper Scooper umbrella. Not enough sucking arse and she will be minus a hefty bureaucratic wage.

    It’s all about people who are doing alright already doing even more nicely thank you!

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