The government have warning labels on Cigarette packets and will soon put on graphic pictures to stop us from smoking.

And then this guy The Rev Peter Mullen, chaplain to the London Stock Exchange, called for homosexuals to be tattooed with warnings about the perils of gay sex in a cigarette-packet-style health warning. Mr Mullen, 66, has insisted it had all been a joke and he had nothing against gay men. But he was forced to remove the comments from his Internet blog, and the Bishop of London described them as ‘highly offensive’. I have to agree. Do we put tattoos on wimmin saying “This my damage your wallet”, and on men saying “This may leave the toilet seat up.” etc etc etc.

And on ALL doctors saying “This man/woman may misdiagnose/mistreat and eventually kill you, but will never explain their actions” Just my opinion considering Dr A and for example Dr K.

Auspices of Fair Comment

I totally despise tattoos, and Governmental Warnings,  and remember a friend of my Dad’s showing me his faded and enormous tattoos that he drunkenly got before, after and during the 2nd World War. I was a lickle fat  pre teen and was in TOTAL AWE of this man as he graphically described the horrors of tattoos. A friend now is covered in tats he received from his time in jails and has said the same to me recently. He showed me a few “scribbles” done with a needle and ink in his cell and I do agree. “Where does that snake’s head go?? eughh!”

I jokingly wanted a tat on my bypass scar and or the donor site scar, both extremely visible that says the date and the misdiagnosis that caused the need for the op with the Doctor’s name.

BUT then I thought my head would be COVERED in tats like a Maori Warrior maori considering the amount of misdiagnoses from the Medics in Neath West Glamorgan. BUT it would graphically show the dangers of seeing a Psychiatrist. And then give the “normal” people plenty of opportunity to show us even more discrimination. Should Psychiatrists be tattooed with governmental (excuse the pun) warnings?????

SOO by a convoluted route my brain has lead me to think that ALL Doctor’s surgeries should have a notice showing the Doctors success and failure rates so that ALL future patients could see just “how good” this surgery was.

I had a poster in the Practice showing the number of appointments that week. The number of patients that failed their appts. The number of Patients that cancelled their appts and then the number of those appts that we were able to fill. The number of fillings, extractions, dentures and crowns were also down on that sheet. It also showed the average time for ,say, making a denture (3 weeks). THANK GOD for computers in the late 1990’s. What could I do with one now???

Oh yeh write a blog showing that Dr A totally fucked my life and is not prepared to explain his actions. The Welsh Assembly then refuse, my word, to investigate the corruption and the web of deceit and lies woven by Dr A and various many others.

I became the MAD DENTIST.

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  1. Mandy Says:

    Read the link to how Dr A fucked your life……sorry that you were treated in such an underhand way although that Chinese Whispers game, where messages are passed down lines with people adding in their own interpretations does damage too.

    I hope you get some justice and is important that your blog is here and telling it how it is.

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