The Welsh Conservative leader has spoken

In this article he apologises for his remark that Rhodri is a clown. Welsh Politics is a farce as  proven by the initial remark and then this reply. Also here.

I quote; Mr Bourne then backtracked when he told the Richard Evans programme on BBC Radio Wales that it had gone too far and had not been issued by him. Those comments upset members of Mr Bourne’s own party, as the document was issued in his name and they said it was “signed off” by him. Mr Bourne has now told the Politics Show Wales that he had speed-read and approved the document.  He said that in his hurry to get speeches ready for the Conservative conference in Birmingham and deal with Welsh assembly issues, he had not read it all properly.

SO first he says it wasn’t him, then his staff say it was AND THEN he admits it wa him and he had not read it properly. WHAT!!!

and then;  Mr Bourne, who is still wearing a plaster above his eye after falling in a shower while on holiday in the Croatian capital Zagreb, said: “I’m not infallible – far from it. – You can see from the scars and bruises I do slip up”. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT POLITICS NOT YOUR PRIVATE LIFE. That remark is insulting to the Welsh Population. So it was straight from Birmingham to Zagreb then …… probably flew from Birmingham Airport. The Conference ended Wednesday Ist October.

AND I expect assistance from the Politicians in Wales, “men” who RUN MY COUNTRY AND are handsomely paid for doing so.


My experience with the Welsh Politicians is, to say the least, abysmal.

Then the Welsh Health Minister says “The buck ends with me” THEN says there is nothing she will do.


Then the Abertawe Bro Morganwwg University Hospital Trust say that their financial difficulties are partly due to rising fuel costs. The £1,177 million pound over spend represents 0.3% of the £700 million pound budget.

But Calum Campbell, assistant chief executive (West) for ABM University NHS Trust, said the organisation had also been left counting the cost for the treatment of a higher level of patients. “You cannot look at the financial report without the performance report,” he said.

“We are over-performing — if you see more patients there are more costs.”

They have just moved their Head Office from Bridgend to Baglan, about 15 miles and in so doing LOST my recent communication to the Chief executive. It was eventually discovered.


I cannot be alone in having a fair sum spent on me and  from Medical errors from a few General Practitoners in the area covered by ABM……, Starting with this year I will then run through the previous 10 years.

Dr K sends me to the Local Mental Health Unit  (3 traumatic hours in 2  appointments) as an ungrateful patient instead of reassurance re my cardiac “problems”.

1 visit to Orthopaedics after Dr R refuses to listen to me, roughly manipulating my thumb and giving me a splint. Second appointment for second cortisone injection in rt thumb. I have arthritis in my right thumb and lots of  pain ligamentally which started IMMEDIATELY AFTER my 4th Angiogram appointment as diagnostic for my (then) recently discovered serious heart condition.

previous years:

Loss of pulse in rt arm caused by 90 minute traumatic Angiogram specifically performed to ascertain the condition of my heart which was described as “serious”. 50+ INR appointments when I was taking Warfarin. Two Physiotherapy appointments that made the pain with my thumb worse.  2 Visits to casualty for the pain in my rt thumb where I was erroneously told it was a fractured scaphoid and forced to have a plaster splint. I complained like hell as EVEN I could see my scaphoid was not fkn broken. Appointment to remove splint the following day.

Three appointments with General Surgeon because of my horrific infection following a carotid/subclavian bypass to sort out the loss of the pulse in my left arm.  The operation did not correct the problem. BUT now I have no pulses in EITHER HAND.

Extra echo-scan of heart to replace the “misplaced” diagnostic scan that purported to show severe blockages in my coronary arteries. needed by the Anaesthetist prior to the bypass as the original was missing. The Anaesthetist said my heart was ANATOMICALLY SOUND and to stop Warfarin IMMEDIATELY. Not a lot wrong with my heart…considering.

Various “nuclear” tests (well that was the heading of the department when I went for the appointments… Nuclear Medicine ) all specific for my now misdiagnosed heart condition. ie MRI scan,  heart stress test under X Ray.

ECG’s galore and all the other tests I had on my heart. Still do not know if I HAVE A HEART PROBLEM OR NOT as I would like to know if THIS diagnosis is likely to be correct considering I now have NO pulses whereas before I at least had a pulse in my right hand. AND my left pulse and pain in my left arm is exactly the same as it was before the bypass. AND the LACK OF PULSE  was the reason for all the above cardiac tests. Cause of the problem was determined to be a partially obstructing clot caused by my poor diet, drinking and heavy smoking because of the stress I was undergoing.

I am going back in time, sort of jumping all over the place because, by accident, it will makes logical sense at the end.

Two trips by ambulance leading to 3 weeks in hospital  to treat my lung abscess that developed because of my ignored mycoplasmic pneumonia. (Complication of severe or incompletely treated pneumonia) All because Dr Willi <oops> B refusd to listen to my symptoms and “chatted me up” She also admitted she never listened to what patients said as she said I was a good looking bloke and other interesting, in different circumstances, “lines” I remember looking at her and thinking that she looked like Clyde from “Every which way but loose” I apologise for the insult BUT then she WAS ignoring me when I WAS VERY ILL.

I have had a flexible sigmoidoscopy because I was worried about my heart  (3 appointments) as ALL male members, apart from Dad, died at my age from a heart attack. Goes back 2-3 generations. Dad had some form of heart trouble Congestive Cardiac Failure?? but that was described for years by HIS GP as bronchitis …. Dad was a chemist and had been told otherwise. His description of that Dr, coincidentally the same surname as Dr A’s real name, was accurate for Dr A as well but 23 years too early. Dr K, yes it was she, didn’t listen to me and because Dad had had a colostomy bag for years so sent me for Cancer checks. A GP that “appears” not to listen. Two so far.

Just remembered I have had “checks” for Lung Cancer and other exiting lung diseases as the marvellous Mr M Ebeyer, Respiratory Consultant, tried to find out what was wrong with me. (He and Mr A Martin of Orthopaedics are the only two Doctors I have respect for, along with all the Doctors in Mr Ebeyers Team.) At least the cancer checks were reasurring-ish apart from the added thoughts to my already addled mind.

100’s of appointments with counsellors, Psychiatrists all with accompanying psychiatric medication eg Seritonin  over 5 years.

I spontaneously withdrew the meds, in 2003,  to start the NHS Investigation which lasted 3-4 years. local Health Board – Independent Review – Welsh Ombudsman – Health Care Inspectorate Wales.

Six weeks in a Private Psychiatric Hospital  funded, I assume by the Health Authority as I did not pay, because I was sectioned, in all but words, because I was a high risk suicide because Dr A said so in his Medical Opinion.

DO the Health Authority pay for calling the Police to section a patient on a GP’s request? Because Dr Ho <damn> Dr C did that when HE refused to listen to me telling me to shut up and me then angrily leaving saying I might have well’ve commited suicide then and when home entertaining two police officers for 45 minutes explaining why I should not be sectioned (again) but this time I won. The night before I had witnessed a death on the M4 and it had affected me badly.

I have been stressed trying to find out why Dr A comprehensively destroyed my life.  Stress which may have contributed to my lung condition but DEFINITELY caused the clot in my left arm and made the possibility of a serious heart condition plausible.

So in effect Dr A has caused all the above and how much has that man cost the NHS in Wales by his misdiagnosis/lie/wotever.

One Medical Error by the Medical Director of the Local health Board has “caused” thousands of pounds of wasted NHS funds.


And then there is the Complaint which lasted over 3 years and ended with ME BEING AT FAULT. Throughout the investigation Dr A REPLIED FROM HIS MEMORY and the Medical Opinion WAS IGNORED The Compliment slip re-appeared a year ago.

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2 Responses to “The Welsh Conservative leader has spoken”

  1. Mandy Says:

    I love the quote “We are over-performing” some circus act on acid.

    I am envisaging all these staff on uni cycles, trapezes or with extremely large boots, red noes and yellow they carry out their duties.

    Not sure about you but I would call that progress of sorts. :>)

  2. Deb Acle Says:

    They just do not listen. I keep saying this. I even said, very courteously to my former GP, ‘But no one’s listening to me’. Not that I wanted to have to avail myself of their ‘services’ in the first place you understand – I’d far rather have been back at work, chatting to friends doing fun things. You know, having a life. But when you’re ill, what can you do, who do you go to?

    Said tosser, even wrote in my notes slavishly, ‘She feels that no-one is listening.’ FFS. You, ya burke!!

    I think that was the occasion when tosser GP told me that he’d read about a very similar case of brain damage in the Lancet, that the woman had tried for years to get doctors to listen!! Turns out hers was a serious, serious sub-arachnoid….

    At best I believe that too many rank-and-file doctors over-reach themselves. At worst their arrogant assumptions kill people. Meanwhile, I’ve got about £3million on the back of my fag packet. That’s what it will end up costing the NHS/the taxpayer to mess around with my health and my life.

    Times that by how many patients?
    No wonder the NHS is in such a state.

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