My hangover and associated pusillanimity

BUT I am still here, coughing up some disgusting stuff with a head like a sh*t house door, but it helped form the reply to Edwina, in my mind as I have to reply. Also the hangover has given me strength to continue as the suicidal thoughts that were put into my mind by Dr K (carn’t mention her name :>) ) have again been shown to have NEVER been part of my psyche as being drunk last night has strengthened my resolve to get answers. I don’t want to repeat last night again as my mind was in overdrive as thoughts of suicide DID flash in and out of my head along with thoughts of physical violence

Edwina’s comment that the buck stops here, and her reply can now be interpreted as PROOF that the buck is covered up/ ignored In the Welsh Assembly.  I find the statement that  The Welsh Assembly Government said it was “putting the patients first” is insulting to anyone’s intelligence as it is obvious, from Ms Hart’s reply that this slogan is not true. She has chosen  to ignore corruption, at a high level, as Dr A “bullied” his way to safety in the investigation. As will be shown in another post.

PATIENTS may have been denied their basic human rights because of fundamental failures in Health Commission Wales.

Having been on the Neath Port Talbot Local Health Board Website I discovered ANOTHER reason that explains why my sister has rejected my, her brother’s, dilemma and refuses to assist, apart from obviously her misplaced backing of Dr A. The hierarchy of Briton Ferry Health Centre used to be, from the top. Dr A, my sister then a Dr A M. Well Dr A M is NOW assistant Medical Director, having I assume been groomed by Dr A for this post. So for her to defend me would be against TWO practitioners in her practice. Dr A M was also the Dr mentioned in this post that offered me an insulting sum for my house. Quote “And I remember one of her “colleagues/ medical partners” came to offer me an insulting sum for MY house, sometime after mum died and before I had to move into the now almost empty house. Wonder who organised that visit?” I now see why that scrote turned up as it never made sense at the time.

What a spineless pusillanimous  t*rd she (my sister) is. I also add her husband to this comment as he always showed his desire to be “above other people”, to receive respect JUST because HE WAS A DOCTOR. He made THAT clear to me throughout the time I had to speak to him.

Tomato sauce sandwiches are needed to replace the sugar lost from my brain, an ole college trick which I hope still works. I could do with some oxygen also, tho’  Advice from the BBC.

It seems the Welsh Assembly is only interested in power whilst ignoring the truth and TOTALLY ignoring patients.



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