I have bounced a little.

I’d love to name Dr K as it is that bitch that started all these suicidal thoughts, but I carn’t.


But then my neighbour came over last night having had a tooth out and she was in pain. WTF could I do?? The socket looked healthy enough. And yes dear I did know the number of roots that can sometimes occur on a Lower Right 6.   1st molar, normally 2 but she had 3 …… So I told her not to smoke, drink alcohol and then to give her husband a “treat” for putting up with her moaning. Her reply was unprintable but concise and to the point She said it cost her £55 to which I replied in an unprintable but concise and to the point manner. It was £3.75, I believe, when I was working..

And I have been invited to go to Aberystwyth for “an over night stay” as this friend’s wife is away and he has BEER, guitars and a very comprehensive small market garden. Normally that would be a major YES BUT I don’t drink alcohol and can’t play guitar anymore. So I would really enjoy the stay after a 2+ hour drive through narrow winding lanes watching the boys get drunk and fielding the “go on have one” remarks. I don’t trust my brain sober so god forbid what it would do in the precarious situation it is in now with alcohol on board AND miles from home.


Do I have PTSD?  symptoms; my symptoms are in red.

Flashbacks and nightmares I have nightmares regularly.Flashbacks every day. 

Avoidance from stressful situations  for example going to a Doctor is a stressful experience as one recently sent me back to the Mental health Team just because I asked about my coronary condition. The rest ignore any symptoms I have mentally or physically. 

Increased arousal and feelings of being under constant threat. I have increasing anger at being ignored.

The symptoms are persistent and disturb everyday life  Everyday I get reminders of what I was and what I lost

All because of this and Dr A.

The symptoms were from this article

I also quote: These children had nightmares and difficulty sleeping, displayed avoidance behaviours, such as not wanting to go out in the car or walk on busy roads, and were described by their parents as “jumpy” and “on edge”.

One Doctor DID say I had symptoms of PTSD but did nothing about it (now there’s a surprise) It has been suggested that I go on tranquillisers or worse … great… I would then be back to 1998 – 2003…a zombie. Perfick for the NHS.

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2 Responses to “I have bounced a little.”

  1. themaddentist Says:

    so to treat would be tantamount to admitting the original abuse.

    spot on Deb exactly my thought.

  2. Deb Acle Says:

    Eeee, MD, know those sx only too well.

    Thing is, the NHS helps to create them/the condition – so to treat would be tantamount to admitting the original abuse.

    It’s rather like a drug abuser going back to the pusher and asking him for help to get off the drugs. T’aint gonna happen.

    So we go round and round in ever-decreasing circles – murdered by a system that couldn’t give a stuff about patients and what it does to them.

    (Note – I am NOT impugning individuals, just highlighting that the system within which individuals work is profoundly dysfunctional and doesn’t allow them to treat patients properly.)

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