Rhodri is a clown

I went to see the Plaid Cymru Assembly member for my area, yesterday  and was told she was away in Belfast on business, but she was contacted by email from her office regarding my problem..

I then read on the BBC Website about the spat between Rhodri Morgan, the Labour leader of the Welsh Assembly and Nick Bourne, the Conservative leader, where Mr Bourne calls Mr Morgan a clown etc

I quote from the article;

“Describing the first minister as “noted for his unique dress sense and hairstyle”, the dossier lists occasions when it suggests “eyebrows were raised” by his attire. For example, the document observes that Mr Morgan wore a “woolly red jumper and beige cargo pants” at a function in honour of former Swansea West Labour MP Donald (now Lord) Anderson in 2005.”

There is a World wide economic downturn with major banks being nationalised and the NHS is in crisis and this is the Welsh Conservative err ….  response, for the people of Wales.


There are 14 working days left for me to receive a response from the Welsh Assembly Health Minister. Lets hope they are concentrating on matters in hand, important matters concerning the Welsh People.

In an ideal world in 3 weeks time I may be able to sleep at night without waking following “nightmares” about my lost career.

I may be able to go to Tesco and NOT HAVE to talk about Dr A. I saw 2 people yesterday that described him as a complete ars*hole, giving their reasons.


One said my sister was a good Doctor BUT he also said he could not believe that she had ignored my problem with Dr A, after all she was my family and family SHOULD stick together in circumstances like this. He made some disparaging remarks about my brother in law which I found amusing, as they were in a similar vein to my thoughts about him.

Her impending retirement will of course go without a hitch and she will have an article about her in the Local rag praising her to the hilt, as usual..

Her response to me highlights her disdain for my mother, when she was alive, as Mum sometimes cried to me that “sis” would not allow her to look after her (my sister’s) children preferring to employ a Nanny. Although when GP’s did actually do night calls she had my mum sit by the telephone answering/ fielding the calls, at night, whilst my sister slept. But she was not allowed to baby-sit. (Mum may have cried to my sister about my faults, unknown to me)

Interestingly Mum was in a coma when I was summonsed to the hospital to “replace” my sister as she HAD to go home for lunch. So I alone saw the nurse give an unconscious Mum liquid penicillin and then saw Mum go into a respiratory arrest. I saw the “Crash Team” resuscitate Mum and stood aside as she “sped” to the Intensive care unit attached to all manner of gadgets. She never recovered and died 15 days later.

I discovered my wife’s infidelity on my return from hospital having just seen Mum die. My divorce started that day.

I wanted to start a complaint against that nurse for giving liquids to an unconscious patient BY MOUTH. BUT both my sister AND HER husband REFUSED to agree preferring to “let it go as mum was dead now”. I could not, alone, start a complaint as they needed ALL the relatives to be as one for the complaint to be accepted.

So Medical/Nursing negligence was allowed to get through. An omen in retrospect for me. Both my sister and husband are Doctors

It is irrelevant that she also, after Mum’s death, gave away….YES , gave away lots of my/our inheritance to a friend of hers. I discovered this almost seconds after that person DROVE AWAY with MY stuff in her car. The response from my sister and her husband was “I didn’t want the stuff”

I had only called in the now empty house to check the security and had seen the cars outside. One car was driving away as I turned up, it was full of MY STUFF.

Her husband also said that he wanted the stuff I had earmarked as it was HIS right. HIS RIGHT !!!!!! He kept trying to get my inheritance by offering me paltry sums over the next few years.

And I remember one of her “colleagues/ medical partners” came to offer me an insulting sum for MY house, sometime after mum died and before I had to move into the now almost empty house. Wonder who organised that visit?

I had to sell most of the antiques I was allowed to have late 1998 in order to survive


I want to die.

I might as well commit suicide because I am stuck in the worst period of my life, my Groundhog days.

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