it’s a pisspoor effort….”

From MD in Private EYE

With M.D.: “How safe is general practice? No one really knows, because no one collects any data. The National Patient Safety Agency has a national reporting and learning system for near misses and cock-ups anywhere in the NHS, but of the 80,000 reports it receives each month, just 1 percent come from GPs. Considering that 90 percent of healthcare occurs outside hospitals, it’s a pisspoor effort….”

read the full article in the latest edition dated 19th September. I will paraphrase it AFTER the next edition appears on the streets 30th Sept

Just thought I’d mention my story with  Dr A,

and fellow sufferers Deb Acle and Callum

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One Response to “it’s a pisspoor effort….””

  1. CalumCarr Says:

    Why indeed.

    How are you doing?

    Hang in there. Keep going.

    Thanks for the mention.

    Kindest regards


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