Do I miss Dentistry?

Someone has just asked me if I miss Dentistry.


I miss the work, the respect from patients, the renumeration AND the 30 years of my life spent with dentistry as the main part of my life. 8 -10 hours a day, 6 days a week for 46 weeks a year.

Starting in 1967 at University and ending, destroyed, in 1998, but now  NO respect from ex-patients, with just enough money to survive but doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING 16 hours a day. Especially now with limited use of BOTH HANDS. Left due to stress caused by Dr A’s silence and right because of medical incompetence by the Cardiac consultant in my local hospital.

I woke crying at 4 am today. ACTUALLY woke and I was crying, again.

Following a dream that I was back in my practice with a full book of patients and with the thought, in the dream, that I hadn’t done this for 10 fkn years and was running each procedure through my mind, The examination, a simple scale and polish and a Class 1 occlusal filling. How do I hold the Sandri air motor when my right thumb HURTS SO FKN much? What about the advances in Dentistry I knew NOTHING about?

AND Dr A was in the dream also, sitting in the waiting room. I saw him and that was when I awoke crying at 4.00 am.

And still 15 working days for the reply

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