We are off again.

I wrote to Ben Bradshaw (Thank you Sir) following this article on the BBC Website and have received a letter from the Welsh Assembly Health Minister promising to reply in 17 days. (odd time scale?)

I hope they re-open my complaint file and READ the Medical Opinion AND the Compliment slip  and Dr A’s reply and  www.mad-dentist.co.uk to see how I have been treated by the NHS in the last 10 years.

And why in the Med Opinion was his opinion I should be retired BUT no time scale to allow me to prepare and YET I was never told Retirement proceedings were under way. Proof things went wrong specifically because of this “omission”

I hope they read my thoughts on his Medical Opinion or at least ask me. Especially about the bit where Dr A mentions my  “precarious financial situation” AND THEN I was sent to hospital ONE WEEK LATER, with no warning and then ALL THIS happened.

I hope they discover why I was sent to Heath House Priory and who paid for it? And why no treatment for 18 months.  AND read the letter from the Heath House Psychiatrist dated ONE YEAR LATER in 1999. ALL documents are here


And then what about the refusal of two Local Health Board Chief Execs in 2003/4 to say Dr A was Medical Director of said board when the proof was on their website in black and white? Why was that? This is the moment, I feel , that the NHS in Wales “kicked in” to protect the reputation of Dr A.  Why?

I hope they also ask to see me for my side of the story and not rely on , as the “Investigation” did, his initial and only reply of “that he was always there for me” and “I do not remember” yet said nothing to me.

Why was I kept on medication for so long and what was I medicated for considering the NHS Complaint Service said I had NO DIAGNOSIS of any illness. What was I being treated for when I eventually received treatment 18 months after my release from Heath House.? What about my sister, Dr K and the other comments I received from so called medical professionals in West Glamorgan?


I hope they DO investigate considering the similar replies I received from my AM and MP before Christmas LAST YEAR. I still await replies, apart from the “we are looking into your questions” type.

10 years of hell can NEVER be eradicated but maybe my life can be made easier.

God how many times have I said that?


Why did Dr A not tell me ANYTHING after July 1998 because if he HAD acted in a true professional manner SURELY he would have explained the situation as he would then have nothing to hide? 

WHy did he not tell keep me informed of ALL proceedings BEFORE I was hospitalised and if I “too ill” why did he not tell my nearest relative, my sister

 He said he feared for my life and that I may kill myself, a high risk SUICIDE,  and clinically incompetent to such a scale that I may be subject to litigation, read this for the full opinion. . He mentioned my “precarious finances” He said I should be retired IMMEDIATELY and then states that “I have come to the OPINION…not fit for practice….in his best interest… IF he would take medical retirement.” it is his opinion others may disagree, a suggestion?

Absolutely nothing about my sudden visit to Heath House exactly one week to the date of him WRITING the opinion.

 and why this?

 received correspondence and  sent correspondence

My late father may have advised me to forgive Dr A and pointed to the phrase in the Bible “turn the other cheek” but as you may read in story of the Sermon on the Mount in the Gospel of Mathew Jesus also says ” an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth ” How apt considering.

ALSO in the  parallel version in the gospel of Luke it also says he said  “Do to others as you would have them do to you”.  My Dad DID say this to me when I started in Briton Ferry and I hope I achieved that often. But knowing my ole man I think he would have agreed with the tooth for a tooth bit also.

He would however have advised prayer. Hmmmm?

But I cannot take too much more. I trusted Dr A prior to June 1998.

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