blundering medics

Now there’s a phrase I never thought I’d use he says sarcastically.

A young mother has been given just months to live after blundering medics failed to spot a mole on her back was skin cancer.

When I moved to Wales in 1985 I was told I was moving to a 4th World country in respect to the Health Service. AND that was before the split! I took it then as racist banter but now I see the truth in that statement. Having suffered at the hands of the Welsh NHS whos slogan is “Putting the Patient First”.

But at least they admit liability, not much help for the Tara and Chris tho’

‘A doctor’s mistake has completely shattered my family.’ quoth Chris.  I do not know how you feel Chris, but can imagine some of the thoughts you may have.  Poor family.

The family has also appointed a solicitor to fight a case of medical negligence.” That should be simple for them considering the Trust has admitted its mistake. I can make no comment about Solicitors considering the response I have had from EVERY one I have seen ……

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One Response to “blundering medics”

  1. DrM... Says:

    Thats very sad.

    Skin cancer can be very serious. If ti weren’t for my wife insisting a mole be biopsied by her derm, she would have died of melanoma. As it was, it was 5 years of semi-annual check ups, lab and chest films.

    Have moles? Have a mole map done by a dermatologist to track your moles and make sure you catch any that change over time.

    P.S. can’t believe our country (USA) wants to mimic your NHS! Can’t they see?!

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