A friend of mine, and ex-regular patient, has had a large portion of his tongue and floor of mouth removed BECAUSE he has  mouth cancer. He was unable to see his regular Dentist urgently and when he did the “foreign” dentist said it was an ulcer. His GP gave him antibiotics, of course. Guess which GP’s surgery he initially went to?? answer at the bottom.

I remember one day in Tescos a few years ago when he described the symptoms to me (he was a very regular patient when I WAS his dentist.) and me thinking ” oo err that sounds ominous” , I saw the floor of his mouth was covered in a “white scaly type thing” that was EXTREMELY sore, so he said. I advised him to go and pester the dentist. He said he couldn’t get an appt for 3 weeks and he couldn’t understand the ****  as he was Polish. I believe he tried NHS Direct to no avail.

He eventually got referred to Morriston hospital where after biopsies they discovered an advanced squamous cell carcinoma


AND I saw it / diagnosed it in the fkn carpark of Tescos. I advised him to go see a dentist fast  HIS cancer wasn’t as big as in the above photo. It however had the typical appearance, as in the photo. No question what it was.

I quote from an article on the BBC

Many dental surgeries do not routinely provide appointments within a week for patients suffering from symptoms of mouth cancer, a survey suggests.

I offered emergency appts EVERY DAY to all my patients. If you had pain I saw you THAT DAY. Back fired sometimes and I was extremely busy but I wanted MY patients to know I was there for them, as they were for me.

I worked 6 days a week and the practice was open from 8.00 am, for emergencies, 1st appt at 9.00 am , closed at  5.30 pm (7 .00 pm on Thursday) BUT no closure for lunch, as our lunch breaks changed every day to accommodate.

Unlike Dr A who SAYS he was always there for me and yet NEVER told me anything . DID Dr A INTENTIONALLY DESTROY MY LIFE? I say YES. HE got rid of me  because HE wanted, for what ever reason, to destroy me and NHS Dentistry in Briton Ferry.


The GP’s surgery was Dr A’s and my friend saw my sister on a few occasions. He changed surgeries and was IMMEDIATELY discovered to have some form of skin cancer and YET they, Doctor and Dentist alike STILL IGNORED his mouth, looking like that photo and that evil white thing getting bigger every day.

How the hell do you think I feel about Nige?

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