Another suicide in West Glamorgan

‘We won’t let our brother be forgotten’

Yet I was described as a high risk suicide and 10 years later I am still here, despite all the crap that has happened to me, most of which if not all, caused by medical incompetence, neglect, malpractice.

ALL MY TROUBLES ARE linked to one man. I call him Dr A but would much prefer to name him but I can’t because of Libel Laws. Even though all I say is factual as shown by documents in my Medical Notes. Auspice of Fair Comment. ie The Medical Opinion.and the compliment slip which is in my possession and which Dr A did not want anyone to see. WHY???

I feel so much sorrow for the family it must be so dreadfully hard for them to cope, not knowing why.

Poor buggers.

yet this happened to me when I requested, or tried to ask for, reassurance re  confusion over whether I had had a heart attack or not and ended up in the Local Mental Health unit and spent 80 minutes being asked about MY suicidal tendencies thanks to Dr K. Yet did I have a heart attack recently?

One rather sick thought with the quotas that are now the NHS norm were they trying to make me commit suicide to boost their figures?

I mean no disrespect to the families who have had to suffer the horror of suicide. I just feel it an insult for Dr A to use the word suicide so casually .

My family however, apart from my son, side with Dr A. But then she is a doctor and works with Dr A.

It would be so easy to give up my fight and die BUT I don’t want to kill myself as much as the West Glamorgan Health Service would like me out of the way.


I do not want to have my family grieve as the above but at least they would know why I killed myself because of their implied complicity; fact of being an accomplice. and their refusal to help me get answers

By so doing they deny my very existence. Preferring to live in their perfect but  false world of being caring Doctors.

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