I may have had a heart attack last night

or then I may not. I went to the GP today and had an  ECG which was inconclusive. Some part of the scan was “wider than it should be” What ever that “reassuring” comment means??

The practice nurse tried to send me to Dr K but I refused to see her and was saying so in no uncertain terms when Dr K walked in the room, so she now knows what I feel about her.

I had grub last night, a lamb and orange stew with Garlic Nans, microwaved from last nights culinary feast. Followed by a filter coffee, Arabic, and an apple.

I sat down to watch Blood and Guts on BBC 4 and saw my college compatriot Iain Hutchinson rebuilding a face using micro surgery. Damn another memory, when I started feeling faint and clammy. Sweat started pouring out of my forehead. I felt I was fading away which is  really the only way to describe it. My left arm went numb and my little finger still is numbish. I couldn’t even slide out the chair to get my ‘phone , in case.

After about 45 minutes I was able to stand just, and wobbled to go to bed. I  felt hot. Difficult to describe. I got  to bed, heart apounding and sounding like this  and slept like a log for maybe 10 hours and woke this morning feeling ok-ish. I turned all the lights and the TV off now!!

I didn’t ring my GP ‘cos they , of course, have an 0844 number and ALWAYS keep you waiting as they tell you things you know. I find it is better to stroll in, say 11 ish saying “sorry to bother you, but I think I have just had a heart attack or similar, and one is seen almost straight away. Had it pulled on me many a time in my dental surgery BUT you can’t refuse ‘cos it MAY be true. However pulling this stroke (unintentional pun) EVERYTIME you want to be seen would probably backfire.

BUT I now have had my blood pressure taken, 140/80, stethescopic examination of chest front and back, heart and lungs sound OK, an ECG, as above, A search for pulses in either arm to no avail apparently.

I have been able to ask about the lack of pulse in my left arm and been told that maybe the artery has been sclerosed and therefore would not show a pulse but blood is flowing to my arm. This was shown by the test of clenching the palm and opening quickly watching the speed the skin goes from white to pink, Which was about the same as the right. SO both are equally buggered by no pulse. I then was able to ask for something to be done about my RIGHT pulse

SO by being ill last night I have been able to repeat THIS VISIT but with the result I wanted THEN. In fact I now have a better result considering all those investigations.

BUT I would not have had to gone through  this hell

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2 Responses to “I may have had a heart attack last night”

  1. themaddentist Says:

    Thanks Calum.
    People care but Doctors don’t IMHO

  2. CalumCarr Says:

    Hi Alyn

    5am Awake Dong some visiting beforeI settle again.


    How awful!!!

    I hope you’re feeling a bit better now.

    Make sure you let us know how you are doing.

    Email anytime. Whenever you’re able.

    Hang in. Hang on.

    People care, Alyn.


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