Suicidal thoughts keep coming to me now

  This is how I feel at the moment. As I have been trying to write about the time between Xmas 1997 and June 1998

The court case for my divorce was in February or March and the amount I had to pay for my wife’s adultery turned out to be almost the same as the loss I sustained on the destruction of my practice.

But then I could have been working and paid it off, instead of as now I have a debt for life. THANKS Dr A.

My house is worth FAR more than I had to give the adulterer. Well it was worth at least 5 times that amount THEN……. I probably panicked then, in fact I know I did I remember kicking my car in the Court’s carpark, for two reasons my solicitor didn’t fight for me as I requested and I wanted to kill her and the wife and I now had ANOTHER debt following the restructuring of my Practice following the flood. Sorry 3 reasons. My Accountant later told me to calm down and explained the scenario that could be implemented. He was good mate as well as my financial advisor, sadly he has moved and I cannot get hold of him.

The house was built by my grandad and I am the FIRST person ever to have a mortgage on it. BUT one I cannot ever hope to clear, thanks to Dr A

In the complaint, I asked that twat Dr A who sent me to Heath House Priory and his reply was “I do not remember” and that was his only reply and formed the basis of his “exemplary ” result in the NHS Complaint Farce/Service.

WHO PAID FOR MY STAY? The NHS?? A private insurance from somewhere? as I did not pay and was repeatedly told when I asked in hospital who was paying, that the bill is being covered, well until the last week when I was released/discharged because the funds were apparently stopping.  HMM?

So I may have not been released because “I was cured” I was released because there was no more money. WOW that’s a good medical reason  for my discharge

WHY OH WHY couldn’t he have told me what was planned after his medical opinion, I received by post with the attached compliment slip sometime after June 4th 1998???

IF I WAS AS ILL AS HE SAID WHY THE F**K DIDN’T HE MAKE SURE I KNEW WHAT WAS GOING ON? He could have told my sister who worked every day across the corridor from HIS surgery room. His senior Medical Partner.

The fact  that he won’t tell me what was going on shows that what he did was not above board, he mislead the system, he lied.


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  1. sandrar Says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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