Better off dead

Man gave away all his savings because Doctors said he was dying:  but it was a misdiagnosis .

From an NHS Website which gives guidelines for corporate identity. I quote from the page regarding patient information.

By providing good patient information, we can:

  • help to make sure that patients arrive on time and are properly prepared for procedures or operations;
  • remind patients what their doctor or nurse has told them if, due to stress or language difficulties, they are unable to remember;
  • enable people to make informed decisions, giving them time to go away, read the information that is relevant to them, and think about the issues involved;
  • involve patients in their condition and their treatment (research has shown that good information can improve medical outcomes1 and reduce patient anxiety2, and that patients want access to it3);
  • give patients confidence, improving their overall experience of the NHS.

Maybe Dr’s A and K should be reading that and LEARN. OR are they too busy counting their money to consider a patients welfare like this man.

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