Was this the time then, to commit suicide?

I suppose about late November/early December 1997 was the time I was closest to committing suicide. (but still eons away from doing it, tho’) The insurance company were still prevaricating about sending me instalments. They ALWAYS found a reason to withhold payments. The work in the Practice was almost finished but no funds were released to buy new equipment so I had to borrow from the Bank. The builder also was fighting for payments as well but as he was a patient, and by now, friend he gave me some slack.

The first days were taken up by ringing the Insurance company and arranging all the stuff for the practice that needed to be done, builders quotes, equipment quotes etc  and sorting out just exactly what had been destroyed for the insurance claim. And getting calls from the CSA. And telling all my patients and getting shouted at by some as it was apparently my fault it rained etc etc.

AND explaining the situation to my Bank, the visits with my accountant to the area business manager with the business plan and the projected time scale. Wow writing this has made me remember THOSE, um, exiting visits and the pint of SA in a pub in Llandaff when we had sorted a good repackaging deal. I could continue, although under pressure, for a year or so.

I told the Health Authority and Dental Practice Board, days/weeks after the flood, that I was going to develop a “Home Visit Service” and explained why my practicing profile would change. Everybody I spoke to said it was a good idea and so I started Ferry Mobile Dentist. At least I was working again and showing the Bank that I was intending keeping going against all the odds. I was on christian name terms with the Manager then (cheers Martin) but it was a bit strained. I was also ringing the Insurance Company for interim payments, to no avail.

Then because my practicing profile changed and I was completing many more dentures than the average some arsehole started an investigation of my practicing profile, which not surprisingly showed I saw more denture patients, suddenly, than the average. I rang the Dental Practice Board explaining that I had told them this would happen prior to my starting the “home visits” because of the flood. I do not remember the reply. BUT the investigation started.

The DPB asked to see one patient in a clinic in Swansea, this patient did not turn up so they asked to see three more and they didn’t or couldn’t turn up as they were residents in a Care Home and The Matrons had said , in response to the request for examination, that it was impossible to “deliver” the patients BUT the Investigators were invited to examine the patients at the respective homes. This offer was never taken up.

SOO I ended up with one then three then 9 then 27 then 81 and so on until I had over 300 patients under investigation, well NONE turned up as previously explained. I never saw anywhere near that number of patients during the flood as the DPB had started to investigate any patient I had seen prior to the flood.

(When I started work in Jan 1998 the Authorities then started asking to see my new patients because I assume my Practicing Profile had changed back again. FOR F*CKS SAKE! I spent time, which should have been spent working, arguing with the jobsworths and eventually ALL investigations were stopped with no faults found against me. A few patients may have turned up to be examined I do not remember.)

Then my girlfriend left me the week before Christmas for whatever reason she chose. She left the very day I went to a “Line Dancing” party with Dr A, his wife and my sister and family. Embarrassing I know but it was something to do. I made many excuses and left before I could be forced to dance and retired to the pub and decent music. Not Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus anyway.

That’s the end of the stressful bit

I had been also playing guitar in a duo with my thespian mate Dale called “Norfolk and Goode” and playing piano wether asked or not in the Pub to entertain the boys with witty ditties.

Then I saw  Dale in a Panto and thought…we could do that in the Star. my local boozer. So we told the Landlord (funky Al Gibbon, a man that HELPED ME SO MUCH during the flood, THANKS  Al) and so started the Panto, to be performed on Aug 12th 1998. Dale and I wrote it with help(?) from the cast. Dr A bore the brunt of the Doctor Doctor jokes and I did similar to every dentist/hippy/posh joke.

Then I met Lloyd and Steve Davies and Kev Williams and formed the band, The CONMEN! All memorabilia has disappeared sadly. But that is the next post and the next part of my story to show that from Jan 1998 my life started to improve. Apart from the incessant hammering from the CSA and the court case with my divorce in Feb 1998.

And of course apart from the task of rebuilding a partially destroyed practice. Lets see how popular I was!. Hey Hey!!

The first day no-one turned up for their appointments! hmmm. Second day most turned up 24 hours late and all my booked patients attended, also. Sounds a lot but there weren’t many) One turned up in wet suit, flippers, mask and snorkel which was BRILLIANT (Thanks Greg) and he is LARGE 20++stone (sorry Greg).

Still ringing the bloody insurance people and ringing Martin (Bank)almost daily telling him what was going on exactly as I did during the flood once I knew I could continue.

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3 Responses to “Was this the time then, to commit suicide?”

  1. Health Care News » Was this the time then, to commit suicide? Says:

    […] More here: Was this the time then, to commit suicide? […]

  2. themaddentist Says:

    Too many monkeys and not enough organ grinders or is it the other way round. Whatever, I was only a number 608301xxx etc and the list of patients was computer generated so what you put in , you get out or something like that.

    In January 1998 the Secretary of State for Wales published ‘Putting Patients First’. HA WHAT POOR TIMING FOR ME….

  3. Deb Acle Says:

    Blimey – it sounds like these jobsworths really had it in for you.

    I appreciated the step-by-step description of the abysmal saga (or part of it at least).

    It strikes me yet again, that a) once you’ve stumbled, the world and his wife seem to take it as a cue to put their boot in (humans? sub-humans more like), and b) jobsworths particularly seem to have a dire habit of seeing bad where there is none. Of course a good psychologist would tell you that this is ‘transference’: transferring and projecting all their deepest, darkest, hidden faults onto a hapless victim. Honi soit qui mal y pense!

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