THIS is not a reason to commit suicide.

We had a months rain in the last day and this video from the BBC shows a poor girl that has lost everything. I was well insured although I never ever received anything like full payment for my claim because that twat Dr A sent me to hospital in June 1998 causing the insurance company to stop payments immediately I disappeared, helping to cause the financial disaster that started when I was in hospital.

Look at the mess in the BBC video, look at the floor, imagine the smell. I wasn’t crying because I was TOO ANGRY, but insured. The flood was allegedly caused by the Local Council not clearing the storm drains which were blocked solid and therefore unable to cope with the sudden influx of water, 4 foot deep at its highest.

When I had the flood in October/November 1997 the flood water was mixed with excrement and was about 4 foot deep at its worst as the “sludge was HALF WAY UP THE BACK OF MY DENTAL CHAIR (The one in my surgery, the spare surgery, also fully equipped, was in a worse mess.  BUT  from here: ….The area near my practice had been under 4 foot of water, but nobody rang me to tell me and I discovered the mess at 8.00 a.m. the next day. The council sandbags stopped the house before the Practice. Inside the mess was waist high, the smell was disgusting as  sewerage had overflowedI rang the Health Authority to see if I could move to the empty Dental Surgery in Briton Ferry health centre but was told no because my patients would bring chaos to the surgery, but they would allow me to move my 2 surgeries to the 1st floor of my original building that would soon be a building site in a 10 ft by 12 ft room in the middle of my in-house Denture and Crown Laboratory and with NO equipment or waiting area!!. and smelling of sh*t. I wonder who’s surgery that was? Auspices of Fair commnt.

I repeat the Health Authority would allow me to move my 2 surgeries to the 1st floor of my original building. With the floor looking like it did as in that clip from the Beeb.

I lost the equipment in 2 fully stocked surgeries as EVERYTHING was condemned, X-Ray machines x 2, One Orthopantomagraphic machine similar to that one.  2 Dental chairs similar to this plus the instrument cart, light and spittoon shown in that picture. And all sundries and stock. I had to borrow money from the Bank in lieu of the final insurance settlement to just open in January 1998 so I was now up to my head in debt.90% of which was covered by the Insurance claim, but thanks to Dr A I lost at least 50% of that.

Then I received these then the telephone call and then all this happened. I was fighting and working hard to get my Practice back to normal, I described it later as getting and keeping  my head above water

And STILL Dr A did not say ANYTHING to me when I asked him what the hell was going on, on my release. AND HE ARRANGED MY STAY IN HOSPITAL (via a Psychiatrist he forgot the name in his formal reply to the complaint DESPITE her name on page 2 of his opinion.)   … HE SAID I WAS A HIGH RISK SUICIDE … HE SAID I WAS SO BAD AT MY JOB I COULD BE SUED. AND yet when I asked he STILL SAID NOTHING, My sister said he meant well, implying he tried to help and failed, almost as if he has done similar before, in fact that he was a crap doctor. ( just my opinion, well I do know others that would agree)

My original complaint was with Dr A but he never answered my questions and so the NHS in Wales closed ranks and said he was exemplary, ignoring this totally. The retirement went wrong and then I received this from Heath House Priory.

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