A Bad Day

A person I vaguely know comited suicide on Saturday night. He was found hanging from the stairs by his 12 year old son, Sunday morning 1st thing.

Some arsehole said to me, not knowing too much about my life, that there are no banisters strong enough to hold my weight . Ha fkn HA. Another comment was “shit happens” and “he could have hung himself in the woods or something as that kid is now ruined for life”

My son was 14 when Dr A said I was a high risk suicide… so my mind played awful tricks with me.


I went to the British Legion and had the mick taken outa me because that is almost me in the Budweiser advert outside.


It is a reasonably good copy of me in the 1980’s Hair, glasses, good looks (?!?). It is me when life was good and I had not met that fat b*stard Dr A. I was a well to do Dentist/musician. I wish I was back there. It reminded me of the gang we formed at college also. We were the “Four Les’s ” after Les Gray of Mud the 70’s glam rock band ‘cos we ALL looked like him, same glasses etc. Our theme song was “The cat crept in” where we sang “The cat crept in, crapped and crept out again” to the chorus. Our greeting was “Have you seen *name*? “yeh the cat crept in etc etc. That developed into DUCH, Drinkers of UCH, pronounced duck a secret society that added a “d” in front of the UCH to all memo’s etc on our student’s notice board (we were in UCH Dental college, London) OFUCH, Old Friends of UCH, similar pronunciation, never took off for some reason!


I saw my ole mate Charlie and he told me that another old friend, Den has cancer and has 3 weeks to live. His left jaw became sore and a big cyst like thing grew (Charlies words) I was Den’s dentist if and when he turned up so I could have discovered his problem in my surgery as he couldn’t get a dentist to look at it and his Doctor said it was a tooth abscess. As others did he stopped going to a dentist when my practice was closed as the new people “were not like me”


I went to see The Vernz in the Windsor Club AN EXCELLENT band. I must have looked odd as I was exercising my left fingers in time to Adam’s (guitarist) solos…just to exercise my pulseless fingers as I want to get out and play again. I ended up with cramp within 10 minutes ‘cos I have reduced blood supply ‘cos of the lack of pulse and BP. EVEN AFTER THE fkn Operation Easter 2008 AND the reason I went to see Dr K and ended up in the Mental Unit being called a suicide again. But only one person shouted “Its Al the Mad dentist” and started kissing me <shudder> I hate drunks when I am sober.


I drink soda water wiv a slice of lemon and was asked if I wanted ice as well. I said no ‘cos it will dilute the water when it melts and the bar maid went “OH yeh” and stopped half way to the till, turned, looked at me, looked confused and shrugged LOL.


The radio is playin’ “Back on the chain gang” by the Pretenders. It is about Jimmy Honeyman-Scott’s cocaine overdose. A sad song.

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