The Mad Dentist for President

I have had enough of the Health Service in the UK and I now doing something about it.

As from today, August 30th 2008, I am running for the President of America

Once elected I will invade the UK and start a NHS service that actually cares for its patients.

A NHS service that LISTENS to complaints and makes an effort to make certain that mistakes WILL NEVER happen again.

A service where Doctors listen to and treat patients as they would wish to be treated themselves.

GP’s surgeries to be open in the evenings and at weekends.

NHS Dentistry to be run on the same lines as the Medical NHS, ie free at the point of contact, for all UK citizens. Purely cosmetic dentistry will be available privately. Again open in the evenings and at weekends.

Not the NHS we have now.

here     here     here  I was in the same year, but reading dentistry, as Prof Goddard.

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2 Responses to “The Mad Dentist for President”

  1. themaddentist Says:

    An acronym apparently for a NHS service in Wales is: WIsH Welsh Innovations in Healthcare

    I wish LOL

  2. Deb Acle Says:

    Excellent news, MD!

    A new dawn is just around the corner! (Where the Stasi are even now cowering…)

    Bags me in charge of supplies (tea, strong coffee, triple chocolate cakes and fags – we’ll have none of that PC nonsense…smokers contribute £9billion NET to the NHS every year. Let’s give them the helping hand they deserve!). And, of course, i/c the Anti-Stasi Brigade.

    PS Do we actually have an NHS now…?

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