Good God

This is the size of the pile of communications received from the NHS Complaint Service that all basically say Dr A is an exemplary example of a General Practitioner in West Glamorgan. The letters also imply that I am at fault because I will not listen to them and accept my total destruction as being part of a wonderful Health Service in Wales.

A service I worked for for 13 years, 6 days a week, 46 weeks a year. As a Dentist working 99% for the NHS.

complaint letters There are 3 ring-folders with documentation put into “poly pockets” provided by the Independent Review/ Ombudsman / Health Care Inspectorate. I provided the black A 4 document box, which is full.

I cannot re-read this shit and cannot throw it all away….just like my career,and my life, was by Dr A…Medical Director of the Local Health Board. My Sister is a good example of the cover up performed by the NHS in West Glamorgan, as does Dr K.

It would make sense for me to die as then Dr A could be praised to the hilt by the local press etc when HE retires as then most of his many clinical errors would be dead. HOWEVER for me to die by my own hand is NOT SOMETHING I CONSIDER altho’ if it DID happen I would, if reincarnation and ghosts are real, come back and give those bastards hell.

I’d rather do that however when still alive.

Just like the HELL  Dr A put me through with his lies and deceit.

Read this post from Calum Carr on a similar subject.

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