A clerical error

A clerical error by medical staff saves a man as he was diagnosed with cancer. Seems the NHS Wales can be good when mistakes are made. BUT there again from the same NHS Trust and the same disease…. Prostrate Cancer.

Although mistakes are usually more serious AND if the doctor is shown  to be wrong and CATASTROPHICALLY misdiagnosed a patient then the NHS clams up and says the Doctor is exemplary, as in my case.

A doctor refuses to treat me for pneumonia but has done no wrong in the eyes of NHS Wales.

My heart condition was misdiagnosed but I cannot now get reassurance that THIS is now the correct “diagnosis because when I asked for this I was referred (see Dr K) to the Local Mental Health Unit where they talked about suicide. But they replied AND I STILL can’t get any reassurance from my GP as the symptoms in my right arm, same as pre operation are back to being described as caused “by the way I sit

This shows the number of letters I have written since 1998. I consolidated the folder in 2007. OVER 1000

complaint list

The next post, or rather tomorrows post, will show the amount of letters I have received as the NHS in Wales cover up for Dr A‘s lies and deceit. I nearly named the b*stard then.

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