Feel strongly about healthcare in the UK?

Ann Keen, Health Minister, will be answering your questions here at Number 10

on Wednesday 27 August 2008 at 16:00 BST.



4 Responses to “Feel strongly about healthcare in the UK?”

  1. themaddentist Says:

    When at college I was “instructed” to stand, in front of a patient, with hands lightly clasped and head tilted to the right as this portrays a sense of caring. Oh I forgot about the sincere smile.
    I probably was sampling amber nectar instead of attending course 101, my own form of mind messing.

  2. Deb Acle Says:

    Amazing how they manage to take advantage of their assumptions about whatever condition you don’t have and extend their ‘rationales’ to cover all their shortfalls! It’s certainly bizarre, and hanging on to one’s normal sanity is a trying task in the face of all this tortuous non-logic.

    As one Nurse Practitioner said to me as I was talking through with her the unbelieveable difficulties in trying to get treatment for brain damage that my GP had indeed diagnosed, “Have you ever considered, Mrs Acle, that you are probably more intelligent than your doctors…?”

    This convoluted practice appears to be common, at the time I thought it was just happening to me. There must be a module at NHS school: Mind-messing patients 101 !

  3. themaddentist Says:

    In Wales it is the Healthcare Inspectorate that I keep being referred to. The Investigations officer a Dr C J said, in effect , that I didn’t listen to what Dr A didb’t say because a side effect of my undiagnosed illness was memory loss.
    Still trying to work that one out!!

  4. Deb Acle Says:

    Hey, great find, Den.

    Here’s my questions:

    Why can’t I get any treatment despite several GPs prescribing? The PCT has torturously refused, in effect, to pay for nearly 2 years now. I thought I had a right to go anywhere in Europe for my treatment if they can’t provide it? Why does the PCT CEO just fob me off by telling me to complain to Healthcare Commission? Minister Keen, please tell me why no one in the NHS cares about my suffering?

    A tenner says they don’t answer in any shape or form.

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