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As part of my “advertising” my Website I submit comments to health stories in my local Evening paper. After one such comment I received this email dated 19th June 2008

Hi Alyn, Thank you for your comments which you left for our web site. Could you email me your number or call me on the details below. I would be interested in talking to you about running a possible story on your case. All the best xxxxxxxxxxxxx (name censored)Reporter
South Wales Evening Post – Wales’ biggest selling newspaper

SO I emailed my details and waited and waited and waited. So I emailed this reporter again saying ;

I have to sadly assume, from your silence, that you suddenly are no longer interested in running that possible story. I was interested in this story (link no longer available but it was about the mother of a suicide victim in Bridgend saying she could not get help from the Mental health services in West Glamorgan.) as the very same body, or at least the Medical Director thereof in 1998 had ME sectioned and the man MADE up I was a high risk suicide. Incidentally I now have 3 diagnoses that I have NO mental illness and PROBABLY never had. BUT I am now referred to Tonna Mental Services, Neath, appt in August, taking up a place that the lady in the above story should have, not me. I trust however that I will get a mention in the Obituary column when that time becomes necessary.

A bit of a cheeky ending I know. BUT then I received this reply dated 1st July 2008

Hi Alyn, sorry I’ve been away on holidays but sadly I am now back in work. Will clear the decks and give you call in the week all the best xxxxxxxxxxxxx (name censored) Reporter
South Wales Evening PostWales‘ biggest selling newspaper

I replied “sorry to appeared so angry but life has been hard.I remember the feelings after a holiday and you put it succinctly LOL”

AND that was that. BUT at least I got a response which is better than that I have received from my MP, Assembly Member etc etc…….. so far I have to say.


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2 Responses to “The Local paper”

  1. CalumCarr Says:

    Hi Alyn

    I echo Deb’s comment. Our local evening ‘paper published a story about Mrs Carr – not as a news story but as a feature. We didn’t ask to see the story before publication and, although the article was sympathetic, there were key errors, wrong impressions. So far,we have had no benefit from the article AND on the downside our names are now in the public domain.

    Do insist on reading the article before publication and consider carefully the pros and cons of going public.

    Good luck.

  2. Deb Acle Says:


    This sounds about par for the course from journalists. Have you had any contact with the media before about your case? If you have, then I’m sure you’ll know to ask to see the story before it goes out so that you can correct any errors…I’ve always found journalists to be really friendly and great people to have a long conversation with. But, the final say is always with their editors who often drop your story at the last minute or skew it to make some point that they want to make.

    But best of luck with it – the juxtaposition of the faux diagnoses they keep foisting on you with the non-diagnosis/non-treatment of the lady who ended her life is so telling, speaks volumes for the weird and wacky way these ‘experts’ think (I use that last word tongue-in-cheek you understand!)

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