The response from the Mental Health People

I received this letter last Friday, following their appointment 4th August, doesn’t say much ‘cept

the response

Thanks Dr K for not  listening to me and making THAT word, suicide, stick in my mind.

I think I saw Dr A in Swansea on Saturday afternoon and as I avoided him I bumped into an old friend/ patient who asked how I was and explained to his new wife who I was.  As I was in a rather strange mood having seen that ars*h*le Dr A I mumbled a chaotic reply and saw their eyes “glaze over” so I now have some “calling cards” to give to people pointing to  A sort of business card.

SO now when asked how I am coping etc I can give them the card and not bore the pants of them. They now have to opportunity to read or ignore and we can continue with normal conversation.

I had already booked an appointment with a “nice” doctor for his response to the letter. I chose this doctor as his father and brother are both Dentists. I wrote some notes to help me keep to the 10 minute appointment, which I didn’t but it was only 20 minutes. I gave him a copy of the received letter and my notes, which, if you are interested are at the end. he however showed me that the sensations in my left arm exactly follow the distribution of the ulnar nerve AND the numbness is DUE to the way I sat.

SORRY to ridicule the Drs that gave that response but they also ignored the lack of pulse and blood pressure in the arm. Now to learn to sit differently ?!?!

However the sensation of “numbness in my ring finger on the left hand also can be present when I walk and am feeling stressed.


I feel my life is now worthless

Am I about to have a stroke as my left arm went tingly (little finger and ring finger) during and after the Tonna appt, and a few times since.

I cannot carry a bag of shopping for long in my left hand, cannot clean without the strange sensations, numbness and coldness…. I know the second echo scan said my heart was anatomically sound BUT what about the symptoms that still are in my left arm…. Almost the same as before

Do not want to commit suicide but there may soon be no option. Or I may die 1st from a heart attack

Thought this time I could explain it all but no, suicide ………. was mentioned AGAIN and I now cannot get THAT word out of my mind. By Auto suggestion like being told I’m fat and then becoming bulimic but at last proof from the mental people that THAT appt was TOTALLY wrong.

I am at a point of no return. The stress I am going through, e.g. that appt MUST BE/ IS CAUSING these symptoms. I mention the last 10 years.

Used to occupy my time doing music and yesterday I tried to play guitar but ended up with cramps after 15 mins. I tried a bit of DIY but that was near to impossible with my left arm as it is as I am partially ambidextrous… It is so hard to unlearn 50 years of my life.

I just wait to go to bed each day, I can’t go out, and am so bored because of both arms. I hate the mornings but strangely what I most hate is the night because of the dreams…..I really don’t want to wake up. Because what can I do each day as I cannot use either hand to anything like full extent.

Arthritis in RT thumb started immediately after the last angiogram 15 months ago, and with the associated and immediate loss of my pulse in RT radial and now I have the exact same symptoms in left arm as when we met, numbness, cramps, and no pulse. BUT now with similar, but not so intense, in my right hand…

What I need to close is my dental career as I cannot go out without someone mentioning my ex-profession and then they ask “How are you?” WTF do I say as OK is wrong and to explain takes too long and so I unintentionally push these people away so my circle of friends gets less and less.


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