A family GP hanged himself

I didn’t have this poor man’s problems before I was sent to hospital BUT my problems got FAR worse AFTER I was released AND ALL caused by a misdiagnosis from a doctor, Dr A.

I was diagnosed as a high risk suicide.www.mad-dentist.co.uk  but this was a catastrophic misdiagnosis

10 years on I may or may not have had a heart attack and yet when I went for reassurance, re my heart,  a Dr K sent me to the local mental health team as I was an ungrateful patient where one of the 1st questions was “Have I ever considered suicide?” ……my answer was a resounding NO. However they KEPT repeating this question to such an extent I CANNOT GET THAT DAMNED WORD out of my mind..

Is this a form of psychological stalking? I am being excluded from treatment in the NHS because some GP’s see fit to KEEP reinforcing, in my mind, that I AM suicidal and that I have severe mental problems when if the truth was known they are only doing that to defend the reputation of Dr A. I include my sister, Dr A’s senior partner, in this cover up. She would rather defend her work colleague than help her brother. However she has said that “Dr A meant well” so she knows he has destroyed my life.


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One Response to “A family GP hanged himself”

  1. Deb Acle Says:

    It’s vile to learn that your own sister is part of this devastation.

    Just goes to show what ‘healing’ means to her, doesn’t it?

    ‘Dr A meant well…’ Yes, well, the road to hell is paved with good intentions – and foul misdiagnoses that no one ever takes responsibility for.

    And today I notice that the NHS has now acquired a licence to kill: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2547393/Patients-should-not-expect-NHS-to-save-their-life-if-it-costs-too-much.html

    A must-read: The Hospital Revolution – doctors reveal the crisis engulfing Britain’s health service (John Riddington Young). This explains everything – from the perspective of a reputable NHS consultant.

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