The NHS say I have no heart disease and am suicidal

Two years ago I was diagnosed with having “a silent heart attack” my then GP having ignored/refused to treat my symptoms for six months of pain, numbness and coldness in my left arm. I also went to my dentist for un-localised toothache in my left jaw. The GP said many times that it was due to the way I sat but the Dentist, and I, both could not see a reason for the pain via radiograph.

My next Doctor’s surgery immediately discovered I had no pulse in my left arm, no discernible blood pressure, high cholesterol and a high BP in my right arm. 180/? I believe.

I was sent to the Local Cardiologist where the echoscan showed I had had a silent heart attack. I was placed on Warfarin, aspirin, Cardicore and Bisropol. I had my 4th angiogram, right radial approach, specifically to determine my cardio condition which has left me with no right radial pulse…

The general surgeon diagnosed a “blockage” in my left subclavian artery and I was scheduled for a subclavian carotid bypass. Prior to this operation, Easter 2008, the diagnostic echoscan was missing and I had another echoscan. The anaesthetic team then told me pre-op to stop Warfarin immediately as THIS scan showed my heart to be “anatomically sound”, a misdiagnosis was one explanation given and I needed to calm down, see website.

The operation was performed BUT the symptoms remain exactly the same as above.

I have been to my GP many times to get more reassurance re my heart rather than” this says it is OK” whilst showing me the relevant professional communications. There is a 2-3 generation family history of fatal male heart attacks at age 50-60, my age. I also now have no pulse in either radial artery.

I asked another GP for “more than just words”, a cholesterol test for help with the symptoms still present in BOTH hands. She angrily sent me to the local mental health unit as I was an ungrateful patient and should forget about 40 years of Dentistry. I saw them Tuesday and was asked if I was suicidal. I categorically said NO trying to explain the last ten years. The 80 minute appointment revolved around their insistence I was suicidal, my strong denial and increasing anger. My left arm went cold and tingly. My left chest feels odd as I write.

The NHS say I have no heart disease and am suicidal.

I say I will soon have a heart attack and am NOT suicidal

Still no available treatment or explanation either way.


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