Lung removed in ‘cancer blunder’

At least I only lost my job, got a reduced pension and misdiagnosed heart attack and can only get treatment, or so it appears, if I seriously consider suicide. But was the subclavian carotid bypass necessary as it made NO difference to my symptoms?

Poor Mr Ball however says he had “lost everything” – his job as a firefighter, his health and the years of happy retirement ahead. He said: “I was given a misdiagnosis, I’ve lost my lung and I lost my job. “For those reasons I feel that at the very least an explanation should be given to me by the Grampian health board who should sit down and discuss financial compensation for my loss of earnings.”  MY Local Health board allowed Dr A to reply “from memory” and based their decisions on their Medical Director’s memory (he said he could not remember name of the psychiatrist in 1998 ) or is that a clue as to why my compaint was not investigated professionally.


NHS Grampian said in a statement: “The clinical course of action agreed for Mr Ball was arrived at following the review of all relevant information, test results, scans, X-rays etc, by a multi-disciplinary group of clinicians. “It was considered to be the appropriate action based on all this information. “NHS Grampian deeply regrets that, with hindsight the procedure that Mr Ball underwent may not have been necessary

NHS Wales says Dr A is exemplary in my case and ALL GP’s, except a very few, show me discrimination. BUT the NHS Wales also ignore these.



One Response to “Lung removed in ‘cancer blunder’”

  1. Federo Kent Says:

    This is quite interesting, it really scares me how blunders like these could be happening with all the technologies and money poured into the NHS by the government.

    Aren’t doctors expected to seek second opinions from their colleagues? Why didn’t the doctor in question see an opinion from others before committing this fatal blunder?

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