3 scenarios exist prior to my hospitalisation

Scenario 1 if everything in the Medical Opinion was true and accurate and Dr A acted in a true professional manner.

He would have told me face to face as he did not know how I would react to being told I was performing atrociously as a dentist and everybody was worried I might kill myself and I had to go to a psychiatric unit as soon as bed was available. I would assume he would also say “stop work immediately”

So I would be quite fragile now. My sister would probably have taken over “power of attorney” and dealt with my practice.

six weeks in hospital

Practice sold, or under way, then counselling appointments to allow me to readjust to life and finally divorced in August 1998

Scenario 2 If everything in the Medical Opinion was NOT true and accurate then Dr A  did not act in a true and professional manner

      He intentionally told me by letter, thus the need for the compliment slip, THINKING I knew what had been going on about my retirement BUT NO ONE had told ME anything.

Does not explain the words on the compliment slip. The lady on the telephone thought I knew ALL ABOUT what had been going on and that I knew I was to be sent to Heath House Priory as soon as a bed became available. So probably treated my sudden pleas for time to sort out my life as a good piece of theatrics, or something, as maybe I was in front of a patient. I can think of no other explanation apart from she just said “yeh yeh” and forgot them. BUT she had advised Dr A THAT I WAS A HIGH RISK SUICIDE so would a Consultant Psychiatrist act like that to a high risk suicide. What on EARTH is going on with my life and behind my back? but then why did he IGNORE my pleas for help AFTER I was released, for 18 months? He would have known that my practice was kept open AFTER I was in hospital because, he sent me there and also my practice was 1/2 mile from his surgery and some of his patients were my patients and my sister was his senior medical partner in his Surgery and had been for 20 years.

          I had to deal with the mess afterwards on drugs that I thought I needed that made me unable to do anything constructive. 

I had lost interest in life as all the sh*t occurred. Life was SO MUCH worse from July 1998 onwards.

Scenario 3   If everything in the Medical Opinion was NOT true and accurate Dr A then did not act in a true and professional manner

He had thought of a wheeze to sort ALL my problems in one fell swoop. All I had to do was pretend to be mad, shouldn’t be hard as I was extremely depressed etc etc already A friend of his, a psychiatrist, would arrange a stay in luxury, Heath House, Bristol for 6 weeks.  He shows me the Medical opinion, explains what he’d said and what was true and what was made up/exaggerated. SO he says to close my business because I am going to be retired in a week on full pension with a healthy lump sum AND the proceeds of sale for a working dental surgery. Sort of explains the compliment slip but  he forgot he hadn’t told me he was doing all that and when it was likely to occur. The Medical Opinion would be used as the reason to get me into Heath House. The funding of which remains a mystery to this day.

BUT THEN WHY DIDN’T HE TELL ME? and then WHY ignore all the chaos afterwards as he now knew he had actually CAUSED it.

AAH he now knew he had actually CAUSED it

and I was as “in the Medical Opinion” and  he was in the Local Health Board  so he could use his influence to*ahem* sway the proceedings after all I was a psychiatric patient. (if true what a evil man.) My sister, his senior professional colleague for 20 years, said later “he meant well” SO SHE KNEW he WAS “not very good” He obviously had tried and failed before. If it was true that she knew he was useless then her silence shows her to be evil also as she  was then party to my destruction. What a web of deceit and lies..

And the Welsh NHS to a man have backed this man and said he is exemplary.

It doesn’t matter what actually happened, the only thing that seems to matter is what people think happened.

Did Dr A intentionally mislead the investigation?

And I have lost absolutely everything because he didn’t act professionally as my GP in 1998.


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