I just sit and cry

I feel as desperate now as I was from July 1998 when my world was just collapsing around me and there was NOTHING I could do to stop it. No one listened to me but then I had hope that I would get answers, now I have no hope.

The attitude of Dr K and her response to my question has sent me back to the depths of despair.

All because Dr A decided I should be retired but FORGOT TO KEEP ME INFORMED. Instead he assumed I knew. Then when asked questions he, intentionally, did not answer me.


because the diagnosis was NOT correct and he did not care anyway because I was now labelled MAD and would be treated ALWAYS that way. Until I DID develop a Mental Disorder.

Also he was high up in the Local Health board and could get away with “murder” because he had influence. The 1st CEO Ms KN, six months after the start of the complaint, refused to tell me, by ignoring 3-4 requests in letters, exactly what position Dr A held in the Local Health Board. I had also NOT received a reply of ANY sort after 5 months.

The 2nd CEO Mr PG eventually after a few more letters, told me he was Medical Director. My reply was that I knew all along that Dr A was Med-direct. and I was using that question to ascertain the willingness to investigate and thus honesty in my complaint. I was IMMEDIATELY sent to the Independent Review in Brecon, with I assume a “gentleman’s agreement type note” that I was troublesome/ intelligent and so on went the cover-up.

Sadly I can’t say the name of the person I dealt with in Brecon, Mr DHS but his name could be ironic if anyone watches SKY 1 at 6.00pm.

Dr A shows no remorse etc but SHOULD be named because if he can so callously destroy the brother of his senior Medical Partner for twenty (20) years it would be SO easy for him to cover-up ANYTHING else he has done wrong. (Auspices of Fair Comment) to people that were only patients.

The corruption in West Glamorgan must be astounding but there again has ANYONE, by themselves, whilst on Prescription psychiatric medicine designed to keep the patient calm and happy, taken on the Medical Director of the Local Health Board.

I have written to my MP, AM,  Health Minister and Leader of the Assembly many times. All with the same result. They can’t/won’t help me find out the truth (I have a good idea what went on)

Now the WHOLE of the National Health Service in Wales has, in writing, chosen to cover up the negligence, malpractice etc etc of one individual. Because Dr A SHOULD have told me and given me time to sort my affairs out. If he had honestly forgotten (???) he could have helped with letters etc at the 1st time I asked him. Instead he, for what now seems intentional, stays silent. And silence is a hard argument to disprove/beat.




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