Dr K says "get over it"

Yesterday just shows what an ignorant *****t she is. see here for how I was treated when I asked for reassurance about my heart condition. The appointment is in AUGUST. So DR K TELLS me to stop going on about my destruction and to move on when ALL I requested at that visit was….

my blood pressure checked AND SHE organised the ……..ing appointment. THAT IGNORANT BITCH has made all this SO MUCH WORSE

Especially as I documented the need to move on in Feb this year. BUT WHY SHOULD I ACCEPT WHAT DR A has done to me. FORTY years of my life destroyed because he INTENTIONALLY MISLED EVERYONE about my illness INCLUDING ME the Patient. but then the Psychiatrist said almost the same  and I have NO RIGHTS so says the Equality and Human Rights Commission,

example: I went to see a band play in the local British Legion. One drunk came up to me and started talking about teeth to me and the rumour that I have a dental chair in my lounge. I put him straight. THEN, because of the 1st drunk,  the sister and brother-in -law of a good mate starting talking to me about their Dental Problems. How can you tell 2 more drunks to shut up…..easy you leave. SO I went home and did not see the band. I cannot go out. see here  and    here  EVERY DAY I go out I inadvertently become part of a Dental Conversation, the ONLY way to avoid it is either to not go out OR to go , alone, to somewhere I am not known, which has become desperately boring as I was a gregarious man before Dr A destroyed my damned life.


I have lost everything NOTHING can replace my life not even beating the cr*p outa Dr A would satisfy. From what I have heard in Neath there would be loads of volunteers to hold him/ hit him also as he is not well liked. However I have found ONE person who says he is good. I cannot repeat the stories because I have NO PROOF that they are true. HOWVER I HAVE LOTS OF DOCUMENTATION in my possession to prove  DR A was/is grossly negligent in my case.

One of his more common nicknames is Dr Dolittle


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