sex change

Maybe I ought to have a sex change cos a ” surgically constructed female” recently got £250,000 for a huge settlement as compensation for her loss of earnings, lost pension and what in this enlightened age we must refer to as ‘hurt feelings’.

or be gay  or be a Politician.



YET NOBODY gave a damn about Dr A’s lies and intentional deceit. In fact every person I see says “Grow up and move on” A recent comment was” It’s only money” I find THAT insulting considering the author of that comment lives in a house BOUGHT by the proceeds of the last 40 years of his life and HE STILL HAS HIS CAREER intact.

Yet I lost my career as a NHS dentist, BUT not from my own doing or wish , but because  Dr A is a LIAR or TOTALLY incompetent, for example I was described as a high risk suicide and YET because he could not be bothered to tell me in person my life was destroyed.

I was a high risk suicide because of THIS and yet Dr A  CAUSED THIS  ON TOP OF THE ORIGINAL STRESS FACTORS. and I could NOT GET TREATMENT or help for 18 months but Dr A says proudly that he was ALWAYS THERE FOR ME. Yet ignored every question I asked

High risk Suicide is not a diagnosis to be carelessly thrown about. It is the worst outcome for any psychiatric patient.

and Dr A’s reply was “I do not remember” when asked in the NHS complaint.



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