This was with the compliment slip and Medical Opinion.

This letter from the ex wife was folded with the compliment slip attached to the Medical Opinion. I DO remember this however. It is a typically nasty letter from her and the contents being self-explanatory, I however was paying her £500 pcm by standing order at the time

(This payment was stopped in July when my Bank closed my account and was instrumental in the CSA placing a Deductions of Earnings Order on me, which in it self was disastrous as I had no income at that time. Imagine how I felt then.

There also was one from her dated September 1998, equally nasty but irrelevant to my complaint. BUT it was only 6 weeks from my hospital release and thus in the middle of the HELL I was going through. )

Did they arrive together in the same post? If so which did I read first? the compliment slip, the Opinion or this nasty letter.

YET again thanks to Dr A I am back in an extremely dark period of my life.

(Also in the drawer was letter from my solicitor re the 4th or 5th financial affidavit that my wife requested. AND a hand written letter from my Mum dated sometime before her death in 1993. And a bill from a builder that charged me for “unproductive time” when repairing a few missing slates after a storm. I remember asking him to explain and his reply was “You gave me a coffee when I had finished and that was the unproductive time.” I had taken time off work to be there as he would not do work, on my roof, if someone was not there, (my wife’s part-time job was obviously more important). I coincidentally saw him my first day out of Hospital in late July 1998. I getting supplies in Safeways and he called me a few unsavoury names which he shouted across the aisles for all to hear.)

The bill and other letters are irrelevant to my complaint but reading them again evoked unnecessary memories.

I felt a little more relaxed after the discovery of these letters

Why I am right and need resolution.


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