LAST appointment 6th May 2008

I stupidly went to Dr A 11-12 years ago because I was stressed. I do not know why.

Since then: I have lost my career and any reward for being a NHS Dentist because Dr A MADE UP my illness and I was sectioned in all but words.   I have had the biggest Lung Abscess in South Wales (1.3 litres) because Dr B. refused to treat me preferring to “chat me up”

I have had a misdiagnosed/ over zealously interpreted serious Heart condition. I was on 8mg a day of warfarin for 18 months for no apparent reason. Apart from the “blockage” in my subclavian artery of course. But do I need warfarin to reduce the chances of a blockage re-0ccurring? Dr K thinks not. 

I have had a subclavian. carotid bypass to correct the lack of pulse in my left arm however I STILL have no pulse. The Surgeon says it HAS improved and it will take more time for the pulse to appear. During the investigations for this lack of pulse the Cardiologist destroyed the integrity of my radial artery SO I HAVE NO pulse in both arms now.

NOTHING HAS REALLY CHANGED except I have been Medically compromised by incompetence/ negligence and malpractice in the Welsh NHS. The result of the complaint against Dr A was that he was exemplary even though his ONLY reply in the complaint was “I DO NOT REMEMBER” AND IT IS WRITTEN IN MY MEDICAL NOTES THAT I WAS A HIGH RISK SUICIDE WITH THE ORIGINAL PROBLEMS and yet I survived these problems IMMEDIATELY on my release.



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